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3d printers will generate many things... including copyright lawsuits

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
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Fernando Sousa is definitely his sword.
Inspired by the popular TV series Game of Thrones, the covered iPhone dock will become a top-selling product for his small manufacturing startup.
Then he got word from HBO.
HBO defended the TV\'s copyright in February, demanding that Sosa stop selling on its website.
He did it and refunded it for $49.
99 us to more than a dozen customers.
Sosa is one of the growing number of designers who face legal challenges in using consumer versions of 3D printers found only on factory floors.
\"This will be a problem for the future,\" Sosa said.
Owner of Nuproto in Orlando, Florida.
\"A lot of new products are coming soon and big companies will crush small companies.
\"As 3D printers become more affordable, there is a conflict with websites like Thingiverse.
Com releases blueprints to help make everything from toy cans to parts for changing the toaster.
This dispute will usher in a new era --
Technology Design threatens the printing market estimated by Wells.
Soared to $10.
From $8 billion to 2021.
2 billion last year.
Darrell Motley, patent and trademark attorney for Banner & Witcoff, Washington, said in an interview: \"We are at a turning point . \".
\"This technology has reached a point where it is not expensive.
What does it mean if you are a manufacturer and people start making replacement parts themselves?
\"The 3D printer follows the instructions of the computer and turns out a thin layer of plastic at the top of the next layer to build an object --Draw a blueprint.
They no longer need old manufacturing techniques such as injection molding.
Designers can make their own schematic drawings or download patterns online.
Latest consumer machines from companies like 3D Systems Corp.
And Stratasys Limited
The retail price is less than $3,000, which makes the technology available to those who won\'t pay more than 10 times for the industrial version.
More than 45,000 low
According to Todd Green, a board member of the additive manufacturing user group, the terminal model has been sold in the past three years.
3D system, printer
Manufacturers in Mount Michigan, United StatesC.
Revenue is expected to surge 503 to the dollar this year.
2 million, according to the average estimate of analysts by Bloomberg.
CEO Abraham reichtal said last month that consumption patterns like the cube began to make \"meaningful contributions\" to growth \".
Sales of Stratasys, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
It is estimated to be more than double the $462.
According to Bloomberg, this year is 6 million.
The company agreed to buy Brooklyn-
In June, MakerBot, a 3D printing startup, expanded sales to consumers for at least $0. 403 billion less.
Nuproto\'s Sosa uses a machine from Delta micro factory.
According to its website, the company charges from $899 to $1,649.
HBO focuses on protecting its copyright, regardless of how the item is made, according to Jeff Coulson, a network spokesman owned by Time Warner.
\"We are indifferent to technology,\" Coulson said . \"
\"If you are going to infringe on our copyright, we will take steps to prevent you from doing so. \"—
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