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3D printing adds a new dimension to medicine |

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

3D printing adds a new dimension to medical 3D printing, and one day, all aspects of medicine may become a bit like car manufacturing, in car manufacturing, customization

Receive manufacturing parts for surgery 'in time.

Dr. Nigel Finch, President of 3D Medicine, said that 3D printing can eliminate the need for hospitals to carry a large number of expensive surgical implants.

Instead, parts can be 3D.

Printed just a few weeks before request.

3D Medical recently developed a 3D-

Printable and customized plastic and titanium chin joints for correction of 32-year-

Elderly male patients in Epworth, Melbourne

Masonic HospitalThe 3D-

The printed corrective implant was made to fit the lower jaw of the patient perfectly. Weight-

Joints of knees, hips and shoulders can also be similarly 3D-printed.

Dr. Finch said that 3D printing can save a lot of money for hospitals and health departments and provide customized solutions for patients. 'Use just-in-

The time production mode sounds a bit rude when you talk about people (patients)

But I think the philosophy of manufacturing is exactly what we are concerned about, Dr. Finch told AAP.

Hospitals can order 3D-

They printed a part of the schedule for the surgery.

'This is what we want to achieve: help the hospital system not carry inventory on the balance sheet.

It releases more capital to do more meaningful things . 'Using custom-

The manufacture of implants can also improve the efficiency of the operating room and reduce the operation time.

Surgeons don't have to get sick anymore.

Only small, medium, large size accessories, thus reducing the need for surgeons to change the patient's body

Like cutting the bones.

This way the parts fit.

Reduce trauma, recovery time and physical therapy needs of patients.

Dr. Finch says 3D.

Printing is not just the production of medical parts made of plastic and titanium.

small number of human tissues and organs were printed.

An American company, organza, has been able to 3D print very small amounts of liver tissue, which is sold to pharmaceutical companies for the determination of early toxicitystage drugs.

skin is also 3D.

Printing, but so far, printing has not been able to replicate the blood vessels and neural networks that make living tissues of the skin.

'It may not be long before they figure out how to do the pipe (blood vessels)

And feeling (nerves)

When we do this, we can print out the whole body . '

Dr. Finch said that 3D Medical is currently considering some materials that may be suitable for printing bone substitutes for the repair of major fractures.

3D printing can also be used to make accurate anatomical models for surgical planning.

The surgical team can test their programs and equipment on the model to make them better prepared for the real thing.

The operation time may be greatly shortened.

3D printing can also be used for the treatment of cancer.

Genesis Cancer Care, the largest private provider of radiation therapy in 3D medical and Australia, is considering making 3D prints for patients

Specific electronic shielding.

Shielding helps radiation therapists target areas of interest and protects areas that are not affected by cancer.

'These must be made with some precision, and the 3D printing of the electron beam cover may be the next thing we develop (

R & D)

'Pipes,' said Dr. Finch.

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