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3D printing aids in kidney transplant op

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

British doctors use 3D printing technology to help the surgical team transplant their father's kidney to their daughter.

Experts from the gay and St. Thomas NHS foundation trust fund say this is the first time the technology has been used to support the successful transplant of adult kidneys to children.

After Lucy Boucher suffered from heart failure in her infancy, the kidneys began to shut down.

Lucy is now two years old and is facing a lifetime of dialysis due to her kidney failure until the surgeon performs a transplant with the kidney donated by her 35-year-old father, Chris.

The models of Boucher's kidneys and Lucy's abdomen were made using a 3D printer so that gay and St. Thomas and surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital can accurately plan and rehearse the operation.

spokesman for the NHS Foundation Trust for Guy and St. Thomas said bochers from Antrim, Northern Ireland, underwent surgery in November and all recovered well.

When Lucy was a baby, she showed up in the room.

Irregular rapid heartbeat

It causes her body, including the kidneys, to lack oxygen.

To correct her heart problem, the young man needs a new kidney.

This was provided by her father, an assistant minister of foreign affairs.

'When I saw the 3D printout of my kidney, my first reaction was to be surprised at how big it was and I was wondering how it could fit Lucy,' said Boucher.

'Seeing how her abdominal model and kidneys will be transplanted into her gives me a clear picture of what's going to happen.

This helps alleviate my concerns and it is very gratifying to know that surgeons can make such detailed planning prior to surgery.

'Lucy's mother, Ciara, a teacher, added:' We found it surprising to see these very detailed models of Chris's kidneys and Lucy's abdomen.

'Everything went so well considering all the potential complications, and it was great --

This is a great relief.

Transplant is life.

Change Lucy.

'Pankaj Chandak, a transplant registrar for Guy and St. Thomas, said:' His idea is to print out using 3D: 'The new use of our exciting 3D printing model has helped to plan highly complex kidney transplant procedures for children, bringing a variety of important advantages to our patient and surgical team.

'The most important benefit is the safety of the patient.

3D printing models can provide rich information

On the plan, before the operation, the replica is the next best thing for the actual organ itself.

3D printing aids in kidney transplant op

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