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3d printing and CNC machining prototype which is cheaper

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2017-06- 26 19: 42

3d printing and CNC machining are two common processing methods in the prototype industry, but when it comes to which way to make prototypes is cheaper, many people will subconsciously think that 3d printing will be cheap, and the price of CNC processing should be very expensive. Is this really the case?

Xiao Bian has been doing customer service in the extension model for more than two years, often encounter some customers to ask me about the price of 3D printing prototype processing? When I told the customer that in fact, in addition to the 3D printing processing method, other processing methods of their company's products can also be completed, customers often tell me that the price of 3D printing and processing will be much cheaper. I have never met this situation once, but many customers have told me this.

Views on customers' 3D printing prototype processing is much cheaper than the price of CNC prototype processing' In fact, it is wrong. The price of these two processing methods is relatively speaking. The CNC process needs to be programmed and split, usually a CNC device needs to be equipped with 3-Four people, the labor cost is large. Therefore, the cost of CNC mainly depends on the complexity of parts and material consumption. The more complicated the parts are, the more work needs to be split and programmed. The more complex the splicing process after processing, the more manual working hours are required, the higher the cost. For prototypes with simple structure and large volume, CNC machining is more cost-effective. However, 3d printing is mainly charged by weight. For those with relatively small products and complicated structural processes, the price of 3D printing may be more dominant.

so when 3d printing and CNC machining are prototyping, it is not certain which price is cheaper and needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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