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3d printing app stores could become as big as apple\'s

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
Can you imagine it as easy to download the door handle and the new Angry Bird game?
Or print the bike spare parts you found online?
According to one of the pioneers of 3D printing, this may become a daily life.
3D printing \"app store\" where people download files of objects that can be printed, according to Paul Gaitley, Europe head of the 3D system, it may be like Apple\'s iconic App Store
\"People can download spare parts as [now]3D printing]
The document said: \"Men\'s Innovation Summit Forum in London in the code.
\"If you look at Apple\'s App Store and its growth-there is no reason why 3D printing can\'t do that.
Gately predicts that people will print items at home with their own 3D printers, or go to the Commercial Street store to make designs.
Rymens on Strand has already provided 3D printing to customers, and Asda is also involved in the technology.
At present, consumer printing and printers account for about 6% of the 3D system business, but the market is growing rapidly, according to gaotelli. South Carolina-
Chuck Hull, who created a 3D system based on a 3D system, is considered to have invented 3D printing.
The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange at a valuation of $4.
5bn, working with GE airlines and various f1 teams.
3D Systems is also working on Google\'s Project Ara, a customizable mobile phone assembled from 3D printed parts.
In January 3, a star of D systems company named Black-Eyed Peas will become a technology entrepreneur. i.
As chief creative officer.
In July, the singer launched the ekcycle Cube in collaboration with Coca-Cola in July.
Consumer printers produce products with recycled plastic.
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