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3D Printing: Biker's Face Is Reconstructed

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

man, who suffered a terrible injury in a motorcycle accident, used 3D printing technology to rebuild his face.

Stephen Power is one of the first patients in the world to use 3D printing at every stage of surgery. The 29-year-

In a crash in Llantwit Major, Wales, on September 2012, the old man spent four months in the hospital with broken arms, right leg, cheek bone, eye socket and upper jaw.

But 18 months later, the former bartender was celebrating that his facial injuries had been fixed due to cutting-edge technology.

He said he was himself.

Before the operation, he realized his appearance and wore sunglasses to cover up his injuries.

'I really can't explain how well things are going,' he said . '.

'It makes me look much better.

I pay tribute to them.

'Mr. Power has an eight.

After an hour of surgery at Swansea Morriston Hospital, the staff scanned his facial 3D images to determine how best to reassemble his broken left cheek and eye socket.

All parts, including titanium implants, are made through 3D printing.

Consultant facial surgeon Adrian Suger said the technique eliminates possible problems during reconstruction operations.

'Without this advanced technology, everything is very enjoyable --

'You just have to guess where everything is,' he said . '.

'Instead, we can be more precise and get better results for patients.

3D Printing: Biker

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