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3D printing could help child amputees in Uganda

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

professor at the University of Toronto is working with international charities and a hospital in Uganda to use 3D printing technology to help child amputees in the country.

The Christian delegation of blind people was in contact with Matt Lato and key production laboratories at the University with the aim of improving children's access to artificial limbs.

The project will focus on children with below-knee amputations, and while still in the research phase, some prototypes have been successfully produced.

When the child enters the hospital, a 3D scan of the residual limb is performed and used to generate a 3D model of the residual limb.

Using the design software, the technician digitally packs the socket material around the digital stump and prints it out for children.

Ratto said the process could begin in Uganda as early as next year.

He estimated that it would take 10 hours to print the socket for the child, while it would take up to two days to use the manual process.

'The model is printed on a 3D printer at the amateur level.

key part of this is cost reduction, 'Ratto said.

'We don't use 3D printers worth half a million dollars and we're using cheap printers because we want to be able to deploy them in Africa and other developing world countries. '

3D printing could help child amputees in Uganda, Toronto professor says

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