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3D printing could help fix damaged cartilage in knees

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

By 3D bio-

The researchers printed an ink containing human cells and have now found a way to produce cartilage tissue damaged by injury or aging.

Athletes, the elderly and others who are injured and have arthritis will lose cartilage and experience a lot of pain.

The new process presented at the 251st National Conference and Expo of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

San Diego in the United States. S.

One day, it may result in precisely printed implants to repair the damaged nose, ears and knees. 鈥淭hree-3D biology

Printing is a disruptive technology that is expected to revolutionize tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, 'said Paul ghenholm, a researcher at the Wallenberg Wood Science Center in Sweden.

'The interest of our team is to work with plastic surgeons to create cartilage to repair injuries or injuries caused by cancer.

We work with our ears and nose, which is the body part that the surgeon is having a hard time repairing today.

But hopefully one day they will be able to fix them with 3D printers and bio printers

The ink is made from the patient's own cells . 'Gatenholm said.

Create a new creatureink, Mr.

The team at ghenholm mixed polysaccharides from brown algae and microcellulose fibers made from wood or bacteria, as well as cell human cartilage cells that construct cartilage.

Using this mixture, the researchers were able to print living cells, such as ear shapes, in a particular building, to maintain their shape even after printing.

Printed cells also produce cartilage on lab plates.

Transfer the study from the lab plate to the living system

The team at ghenholm printed tissue samples and implanted them in mice.

The cells survive and produce cartilage.

Then, in order to increase the number of cells, which is another obstacle to tissue engineering, the researchers mixed cartilage cells with human bone marrow-derived stem cells.

Preliminary data from in vivo trials within 60 days suggest that this combination does promote the production of cartilage cells and cartilage.

3D printing could help fix damaged cartilage in knees

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