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3D printing 'could herald new industrial revolution

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

As a potential game

With the advent of the steam engine or telegraph era, 3D printing could herald a new industrial revolution, experts say.

For uninitiated people, the printer shows any object you want when you click the button, which seems to be something from science fiction.

But 3D printing is already here and is growing fast, and it looks like it will jump into the broader market from the lab and the niche industry.

'There are still limitations on today's technology,' said Olivier Olmo, director of operations at the EPFL research institute in Switzerland . '.

'But I am sure that in 10 or 20 years we will have a revolution in the technology that is available to everyone,' he said . '.

The root of this concept is from two areas of the standard-

Size printing of machinetooling.

First, before being cut into two, the 3D digital design was either created from scratch on the computer or by scanning real objects

Computer size 'slice'

Enter the printer.

The printer gradually deposits fine layers of material--

Such as plastic, carbon, or metal-

And build a physical object.

The product can be as hard or flexible as you program the printer and even include moving parts instead of solid blocks.

'In theory, anything we have today can be produced by 3D printing.

As we know, this could change manufacturing, 'said Simon Jones, a technical expert at DLA Piper, a global law firm.

In addition to the potential ecological impact of producing products where needed, 3D printing can also enable

Produce cheaper items on a large scale, rather than produce a large number of items that may be wasted.

Its purpose is more than simply copying what is already there.

'This technology provides the possibility that there is no manufacturing available,' said Kara Van Steberg of I . '.

Reality in Belgium

Service-based design for user printing.

Van Steenbergen pointed out some objects, such as custom fracture screws, which match the specific anatomical features of the patient and are therefore less degraded than traditional varieties.

'This is something that traditional technology does not allow.

'This is an area where there is a lot of added value, making it impossible to be possible,' she stressed . '.

The technology has been around for longer than many people think: the first commercial 3D printing technology, called Stereo

Invented in 1994.

However, it takes time to get into the spotlight.

'To be honest, 3D printing is far from the mainstream, but it shows that something is going on,' Prevue's Tristan Renault said . '

Medical, a company that generates models from 3D Medical imaging data.

Erik Ziegler, his technical lead, said that the use of online 3D printing services may remain normal for a period of time, given the cost of the printer.

'Fablabs' provides an alternative ---

Short name of 'manufacturing laboratory--

concept created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a small-

Manufacturing facilities of scale.

But for those who are tempted by the family

Some 3D Printers hit the consumer market for about $2,000.

Like computers, prices are expected to decline over time as demand grows and technology advances.

At the industrial level, 3D printing is not meant to replace traditional methods, but to go hand in hand, Van Steenbergen said.

'I think it will affect the manufacture of some products, but it will never replace it,' she said . '.

This also raises a lot of problems.

For example, is the automaker ready to have the nearby mechanic print the spare parts?

If the goods are produced under the license, what quality assurance will be provided to the consumer?

In terms of intellectual property, what is fair production of replacement parts for what you already have?

Is the designer of a 3D object protected by a file equivalent

Sharing, lamented by the music industry?

'We tend to see an increase in business impact,' Jones said . '.

'Once 3D technology reaches a reasonable cost point, it is difficult to prevent this from happening.

Francis Gaorui, head of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization, stressed that the global 3D printing business is expected to be worth $3.

7 billion to 2015.

By contrast, world exports of goods were $18.

It was $3 trillion last year and $4 for business services. 3 trillion.

Gao Rui pointed out that although the value of 3D printing is still small on a global scale, it is expected to expand relatively quickly to $6.

5 billion to 2019.

3D printing

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