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3D printing deal enhances sector depth illusion

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Robert CyranThe is a columnist for Reuters.

His own opinion is expressed.

Making physical objects from digital files is a hot technology-if Stratasys's market reaction to buying private-held Objet is any guide, it might be too hot.

Although there was no synergy and strange poison, the buyer's stock rose nearly 25%, mainly due to potential revenue synergies.

But the future has not yet fully arrived.

3D printers need only a very thin layer at a time to get digital blueprints or scan and recreate them.

This process has penetrated rapidly in the product field, such as replacement teeth and prototypes for new products.

This explains why the top lines of these two Minni apores

The growth rate of Objet, based in Stratasys and Israel, exceeded 25%.

But the idea is to subvert the manufacturing sector and create custom projects one at a time without having to worry about shipping costs, which makes the technology really exciting.

Stratasys and its massive acquisitions have made it the biggest and most attractive way for investors to participate in the industry.

The price of $0. 6 billion seems reasonable.

Objet accounted for 43% of the combined company's sales last year, with roughly similar revenues, eventually accounting for 45% of the combined equity.

In addition, management estimates that costs of up to $8 million and taxes of up to $4 million can be cut annually.

Today, the shares are worth about $75 million to shareholders.

This does not explain that Stratasys's market value increased by nearly $0. 18 billion after the announcement.

Investors seem to think that combining knowledge of the use of different materials and advantages in different areas-for example, Objet for medical devices and Stratasys for making prototypes will make the money much more valuable than the parts.

This view may be distorted.

There are a lot of competitors in this fast

Growing areas, new areas are emerging.

Even Stratasys management did not anticipate such a reaction.

The company has issued a temporary poison pill to ensure that aggressive investors do not break the deal, although Stratasys has made exciting 30 deals with 2012 times the expected earnings.

The growth of 3D manufacturing is not a fantasy, but the market seems to be augmented.

3D printing deal enhances sector depth illusion

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