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3d printing - discussing new balance and root canals with formlabs\' dávid lakatos

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
Although there are suggestions from hundreds of channels on YouTube, making your own Yoda head or building a Penrose triangle is the most useless use for 3D printing.
The technology has been rapidly democratized and even simplified to make cheap and cheerful trinkets, but 3D printing can have a huge impact on certain industries like blockchain, the internet of things and even artificial intelligence
In the words of Davide Lakatos, formlab\'s chief product officer, it\'s not just \"a glue gun on a gantry \".
I spoke to Lakatos about the 3D printing market and the different technologies involved, about its impact in key areas, and how far it still needs to go to be truly disruptive --
If it can make enough noise in a competitive technology environment.
From glue guns to hybrid media 3D printing is relatively mature, the technology is not as respected as other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence, its image is affected by cheap, low cost
High quality printers that dominate in early 2010.
But a lot of popular \"glue gun on gantry\" technology (
Simulation of molten deposition, Ltd)
This is the simplest form of 3D printing so far, and the most unlikely form to bring about a manufacturing revolution.
Instead of printing layers of material, using FDM, selective laser sinteringSLS)
The use of a laser to sintering the material beads together allows the construction of the structure at any size, not just on the top and opposite.
SLS are mainly used in industrial applications (
The cost of machines in the area is $250,000)
However, although it is widely used in applications, it can only be printed using \"limited range of materials\" such as nylon.
Stereo printing (SLA)
This is the first technology of the invention, using a laser to harden a specific point in a liquid resin bath.
The SLA combines structural complexity with the versatility of the material to quickly create complex polishing designs with \"lots of\" materials.
The versatility of this material is the main advantage of the SLA, Formlabs created \"more than 20 different materials\" for various use cases, including \"High
Temperature material, durable material. . .
Ceramics and medical
Also rate the material.
SLA enables Formlabs to achieve their overall goals with 3D printing
\"Increased accessibility: the cost and ease of use of the machine --of-use’ -
Lakatos hopes that this will help to move 3D printing beyond consumer jewelry and industrial rapid prototyping.
\"We see a significant increase in the number of people using it for quick manufacturing or mass customization, which is very exciting for people using it for actual final parts.
Wake Forest Institute printed the stand for the lab
In 1999, 3D printing attracted wide attention in the field of health care.
But some apps can benefit from 3D printing, faster and more costly
More effective than printing human organs.
For example, a 3D printed surgical guide can bring Micron
Accuracy of complex operations, such as spinal surgery, and elimination of extremely serious complications.
This industry accounts for about 25% of [dental]Formlabs’]
Use X-similar exquisite programs like root canal
Ray and CBCT scans to map veins and nerves-
\"But in the end, the surgeon is still basically getting into your chin with his bare hands.
The 3D printed surgical guide removes \"art\" from the equation so that the dentist can simply place the guide in a predetermined location, and drill holes using the scan data entered into the 3D printer at exact right angles and depths.
For many contacts
3D printing is based on medical devices that can bring unprecedented comfort or ease of suffering, which is a special problem for children with diseases
Install artificial limbs.
Custom 3D printed prosthetic limbs can be worn for a short period of time required for digital adjustment, printing and hardening of new equipment for only $50.
Dentures are another highly customized medical device, when using CNC (
Computer numerical control)
The technology costs hundreds of billions of dollars and takes months of testing. and-
If a false tooth is not suitable, you need to start over.
However, with 3D printing, the dentist can print out a variety of slightly different dentures [to test out]
Lakatos says a complete accessory can be completed with one visit.
This is very expensive.
This is effective for devices such as artificial limbs, dentures, and sleep apnea masks that must be well-suited and provide undeniable high value
Add for the patient.
While customization may be the most selfless use case, it is by no means unique to the healthcare industry.
According to Deloitte\'s research into the retail industry, one of the five customers is willing to pay about 20% for customization, and 25% are willing to wait for customized products.
The global footwear market price in 2017 is around $ 246B, and if retail companies are willing to change their business model around new technologies, the customization of 3D printing implementation may \"really change the conversation with customers \".
Under the new balance, Formlabs envisions a huge change in the footwear industry: \"Imagine if you can stand on the pressure plate and create a fully customized shoe.
This will enable customers to order immediately knowing that the new model fits perfectly: \"I think most people will be willing to make a detour on their way home to measure for personalized products.
\"In the retail industry, customization is a benefit for consumers and creates a closer relationship for retailers.
3D printing is capable of making custom products quickly, or rolling out a large number of custom products such as Gillette\'s series of \"custom\" Shaver handles, which helps to \"shorten the gap between marketers\", designers and consumers.
Finally, Lakatos says you will get better products that are more personalized, localized and more responsive to market needs.
The support of Impact3D printing may theoretically destroy any industry with shorter production time and more customized components or products --
\"This will be a No.
\"I am a brainwave,\" Lakatos said . \"
But in addition to healthcare and retail and some niche markets for printing final parts, the main purpose of 3D printing is to create prototypes quickly.
Going beyond rapid prototyping is a major challenge, and even that is difficult to dominate.
\'Whatever you think, there are two, \'says Lakatos. factor [order of]
There is a big difference between people who use 3D printers for rapid prototyping and people who may use 3D printers.
Still, Lakatos says Formlabs
Currently there are 550 employees with an operating rate of approximately $100
\"Hope to participate in the manufacture of most products in the world in 10 minutes --15 years.
Lowering the price of SLS printers from the industry average of $250,000 to the $10,000 that will be launched later this year, and the accessibility mission of forms also helps promote 3D printing of final parts.
For Lakatos, the only barrier to 3D printing becoming a new manufacturing standard is time and attitude: \"part is accessibility [
Technology of
But on the other hand, the business model has also changed.
Whether it\'s due to Formlabs or other companies, 3D printing will definitely change the world, and the only question is whether other more compelling technologies will be the first to achieve.
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