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3D printing drugs – New technology to revolutionize

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

group of researchers from the University of Technology in Anna, Louis, believe that they have come up with a solution to find a biodegradable material that can be used to contain daily drugs, and those chemo compounds that need cancer treatment.

The scientific Daily reported that the 3D printer will be able to create a bag, which means that the drug only needs to be inserted before it is sealed.

'After determining the use of the 3D printer, the opportunity to quickly prototype production using this manufacturing method has been realized,' said Jeffery Weisman, a biomedical engineering at the University of Technology in Anna, Louis

'By adding nanoparticles and/or other additives, the technology becomes more viable using common 3D printing materials that already have biological compatibility.

Materials can be loaded with antibiotics or other drug compounds, and the implants can be naturally decomposed by the body over time.

'Weismann believes that a major advantage of this new technology is the ability to tailor the content of the drug to specific needs.

This may mean that the dose of antibiotics may become stronger or weaker according to the patient's requirements.

This also means that hospitals or pharmacies do not have to wait for delivery from pharmaceutical companies.

As long as they have a drug with a problem, they can create a dose in a medical institution or pharmacy.

'One of the biggest benefits of this technology is that it can use any consumer printer and it can be used anywhere in the world,' Weisman said . '. Dr. David K.

Mills, a professor of biological science, also added that there are other uses for 3D printers that can be used in the medical industry.

The vast majority of antibiotic implants are made of bones, which are placed in the human body undergoing surgery to ensure that there is no risk of infection.

Cement commonly used to anchor joints, such as the hip or knee joint, must be used in a mix between the surgeon and alenong

Biodegradable, which means that the implant must be removed once the operation is completed.

The researchers now believe that these antibiotic implants can be used in biology.

Plastic can be broken down by the body so no additional surgery is required.

'At present, the industry is required to embed additives in plastics-

'Scale facilities to ensure proper dispersion throughout the extrusion plastic,' explains Mills . '.

'Our approach makes it easy for researchers to customize additives to the desired level by making them scattered on the desktop scale.

There is not even any industrial process for delivery of antibiotics or special drugs because injection molding is currently more focused on pigment and cosmetic properties.

'So far, 3D printers have been used to make shells for devices such as hearing aids.

Phil Reeves, an expert in the 3d printing industry, said about 10 million hearing aids are currently in circulation, a conservative estimate according to Forbes.

Great advantage of using 3D-

The printed hearing aid gives the user a greater level of comfort as it can be adjusted according to the precise measurements required.

It is impossible if it is produced on a large scale in the factory.

Meanwhile, in February 2012, the BBC reported how a woman in the Netherlands got a replacement Chin made of titanium powder made from a 3D printer.

Layerwise, the company that helped design the product, said: 'Once we receive a 3D digital design, the parts are automatically split into 2D layers, and then we send these cross sections to the press, the company added.

3D printing drugs – New technology to revolutionize medical industry

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