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3D Printing ETF: A Good Long-Term Pick?

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Investment in 3D printing technology has recently become one of the most talked about topics. The pure-

Play 3D print ETF (NYSE:PRNT)

About 10 more.

2% since its establishment in the medium termJuly.

Not only that, but five additional funds were added to the fund.

Revenue of 6% in the last five days (

As of September 9, 2016).

Although it retired about 2.

2% in September 9, the reason for the broader market collapse was not the inherent performance of the fund.

While the technical strength of 3D printing is the reason behind this trend, General Electric provides the latest push (NYSE:GE)

The two European 3D printing companies bought the announcement for about $1. 4 billion (~拢1 billion)last week.

The two companies are world-renowned manufacturers of 3D metal printing machines.

In GE's growing 3D printing business, the two acquired companies, Sweden-Based on Arcam AB (OTCPK:AMAVF)

SLM Solutions Group, Germany (OTC:SLGRF)

It will now be owned by GE airlines.

The business unit plans to use 3D printing more often in its power turbine and medical equipment business, which is done from the source.

Investors should also note that GE intends to buy about 1,000 new 3D printers over the next decade.

The latest acquisition could cut costs by $3 billion to $5 billion.

According to an overview of the 3D print ETF, GE Aviation expects to print more than 100,000 parts for its jet engine by 2020.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 'These deals are made by industrial giants for themselves by 3-

Printing parts for the next decade.

'All in all, GE's move to take advantage of the increasing use of 3D printing technology gives investors a good reason to binge in this area.

With GE coming to an end, many are starting to speculate that mergers and acquisitions in 3D printing will surge.

Stratasys Ltd, another 3D printing company. (NASDAQ:SSYS)

It has also established strategic partnerships with companies such as Boeing. (NYSE:BA)

Boeing, Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F)and Siemens (OTCPK:SIEGY).

These associations aim to bring advanced 3D printing technology to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Favorable sark Investment Management Co. , Ltd. wants 3D printing to change manufacturing by shortening the time between design and production, reducing costs and providing higher efficiency.

With the cost structure falling, the 3D printing market will replace the traditional manufacturing industry.

Several analysts are optimistic about the industry's growth prospects.

McKinsey expects the 3D printing market to grow from $4 billion in 2014 to $180 billion to $490 billion in 2025.

Gartner Research expects 3D printer shipments to more than double to 2019 units in 2016.

Most importantly, the space is still in its infancy and there is therefore room for rise.

Within the PRNTThe fund, it wants to track the total index of 3D printing.

The index consists of stock securities and exchange depositary receipts.

Listed companies from the United StatesS. , non-U. S.

Developed markets engaged in 3D printing and Taiwan

Related business.

The fund charges 66 basis points.

The three major groups in sustainable land management solutions Group Co. , Ltd (7. 29%), Arcam AB (6. 59%)and ExOne (NASDAQ:XONE)(5. 80%).

3D printing hardware accounts for half of the product portfolio, followed by CAD and simulation software (30%)

Service Center (13%)(

See all industrial ETFs here).

The fund is tilted towards smaller funds.

Stocks are capped with about 65% of their exposure.

In terms of industry risks, it accounts for about 52.

9% of the basket, while industry (32%)

And health care (11. 3%)

The next two attractions.

3D Printing ETF:  Good Long-Term Pick?

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