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3D printing firm MakerBot teams up with Sesame Street

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing company MakerBot will bring a downloadable Sesame Street statue to its digital store, the first such file for its new licensed brand.

Mr Snuffleupagus is currently the only Sesame Street character to offer, although the company intends to release more in the future.

Some toy industry insiders are worried that 3D printing may have a negative impact on the market.

However, data show that the industry has not yet had a significant impact.

Medium size of 97mm x 92mm x 87mm (3. 8in x 3. 6in x 3. 4in)

Mini Mr Snuffleupagus will be placed in the palm of your hand.

It has a variety of different colors, it takes three hours to print and costs $1. 29 (77p).

The files required to print the monster only work on two 3D printers in MakerBot: the Replicator 2 and the fifth generation model of the original replicator.

'Sesame Street has been very close to me and is precious to me,' said Bre Pettis, chief executive of MakerBot, a former employee of Jim Henson's biological store.

Elsewhere, Walt Disney has shown interest in its 3D downloadable toysprinted teddy.

specially designed printer has been developed to create three

Size objects taken out of wool and wool

'Soft, soft' blended yarn

It's a bit reminiscent of character.

Knitting material '.

'This extends 3D printing from a typical hard form and precise form to a new set of forms, reflecting the different aesthetics of soft and imprecise objects,' explains the Disney website . '.

In addition, materials can be printed around embedded hardware such as sensors or feedback controls.

The project is still in its early stages of development.

According to Samantha lofday, editor of Toy News, some industry insiders fear that 3D printing 'will have an impact on the toy industry as illegal downloads have done to the music industry '.

'Large toy companies are paying close attention [3D printing]

But this is not something they are particularly worried about . '

'Most 3D printers are too expensive at the moment and it will take too long to pose a major threat to the toy market.

Some of them may offer a lot of expansion for creative games, but I don't think they can really replace toys made physically and professionally.

'However, while compatibility issues and slow printing speeds continue to limit 3D printing for regular consumers, the industry has made significant progress in terms of payment capabilities.

Recently announced Super

Cheap Micro has reached the goal of Kickstarter in just 11 minutes, which shows that people may be more interested in affordable, simple 3D printers.

'The new price points and lower prices will be the key to getting people to buy 3D printers,' explains the project's Kickstarter page . '.

'Not many people can afford to buy a printer for $2,000, but more people can buy one for $500 or $300.

In addition, Peter Badri, research director at Gartner, said 'the 3D printer market has reached an inflection point '.

Global spending is expected to grow 62% to $0. 669 billion this year, and Gartner believes 3D printing will eventually have a huge impact on consumer goods.

compelling consumer 3D printer is not expected to be available until 2016, and the industry is expected to have only a moderate impact on construction, education, energy, government, medical products, military, retail, telecom, transportation and utilities.

3D printing firm MakerBot teams up with Sesame Street

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