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3D printing firm trying to help Alberta girl develop

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing company in Calgary is working with a young girl to develop a fake hand as a prototype to help people around the world, and the company is having trouble.

They need the help of biomedical engineers to make it work.

Plastic purple hand printed by Alberta girl is perfect for highfivesEleven-year-

Old jerlenarittwage, who was born with an underdeveloped left hand, will be their test case. That hand —

printed purple plastic

More than a year ago, a pair of Year 11 students from Cochrane gave it to her.

They are trying out their school's 3D printer and have heard that their project can help them set the standard so they have customized it for her.

It bends according to her wrist movements and it allows her to catch and throw the ball.

She is still grateful for the gift, but she wants to change to a more complex prosthesis.

'I'm looking for a new hand because it can't carry heavy objects,' she said . '.

Colin pischick and his company are here to print your 3D thinking.

Last year, he heard about Rittwagein in a CBC news story and thought she was a perfect test case.

So his team, through the 'environmental maker' of his company's charity department, has been working for months to make etiquette a new height --tech hand.

But they do not have all the necessary expertise yet.

'What we have is the ability to make original objects.

'We also have the medical side, so someone can make sure that we do it in a safe way and that there is no harm to the recipient,' he said . '.

'We don't have a lot of people who can make the files we're going to put into the printer.

So if you consider paper printing, for example, we have a printer and we have paper.

We don't have word files.

So Pischke and his team are looking for a volunteer with expertise in biomedical engineering and artificial limbs.

'It's not a simple skill we're looking for or a simple task we're asking them to do.

'If they find the right experts, they plan to make a template for use around the world.

Rittwage said she was happy to be part of the project.

'I'm basically going to be like a guinea pig because it's the first time the company has tried to do it,' she said . '.

Pischke says part of his motivation to do the fake hand project is to show that 3D printing is not just for trinkets and toys --

It can greatly reduce the cost of complex customizable devices.

'I have always been passionate about technology and I think it will make the world a better place,' he said . '.

3D printing firm trying to help Alberta girl develop prosthetic hand has hit a snag

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