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3D Printing Hacks That Will Improve Your Office Life

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Considering almost-

We see daily headlines about how 3D printing will change the world-

From a 3D printed bionic limb to a 3D printed space station on an asteroid--

It's not surprising that excitement about the technology has increased this year.

However, when people like to show stories of all the innovative ways 3D printing will change their lives in the future, they may also have a hard time knowing what they can and should print today.

So, the question is: what would you do with it if you had a 3D printer?

How do you use it in your office or small business to make life easier for you and your employees?

Fortunately, people are already designing and printing various 'office hacks '.

'So, here, 3D printing is just a few ways to make your office more organized, efficient, and fun.

Source: thingiverse few things are worse than an office full of tangled wires.

While unlocking your USBs from Ethernet may be a good way to delay, it's hard for this activity to make the workday more productive.

But the great little wire organizer for 3D printing helped.

Better yet, since they are 3D printed, you can adjust and change them according to your needsExpand demand.

You can download your own here.

Similarly, the headphones lying around the office are never a good look.

Print these stylish hooks and encourage your colleagues to hang up on their funky noise

Cancel headphones

You never know. -

These hooks may even encourage your team members to talk to each other.

You can download your own here.

Source: as the number of USB storage devices increases every day, tracking all of them can be a difficult and annoying task.

Also, once you're talking about a small office working environment, the spread of USB sticks can reach an unprecedented level.

With a central USB rack, your storage will never be lost again.

You can download your own here.

Source: there is nothing better in my mini factory than the satisfaction from a well

Organized Office

Untidy will not only upset potential customers, but also 'neat office, neat mind' will say something.

People who love the organization will know that almost any problem can be solved by linking.

With 3D printing, you can design and print hooks according to your needs.

You can download your own here.

Source: printing unique and personalized business card cases in Thingiverse3D is a good topic and looks great and can stop any awkward combination --

Ups between employees

You can download your own here.

Source: while online storage and digital documents have always become more reliable, it is still important to have good data

An organized hard copy of the most basic documents of your business.

Losing an important document is a waste of time and money.

By printing custom file racks and organizers, you can make sure you never lose these important paper files again.

You can download your own here.

Source: MyMiniFactoryDo have you been forgetting your phone charger? How about 3D-

Print some charging stations for various types of mobile phones, so that no one can process the battery anymore?

If you really want to impress potential customers and make employees happy, then maintain a charger station for multiple device types.

You can download your own here.

Source: poor intern ThingiverseTake cooks coffee every morning: introduce some new 3D printing equipment for your office kitchen.

Whether these gadgets are for coffee beans or to prevent tea drops from messing up your surface, there are a lot of great designs.

You can download your own coffee warehouse here.

Source: it can be very time consuming for me to have to replace a damaged part

Consumption and frustration.

New replacement for 3D printing can save delivery time and cost and can be done on the same day.

3D capabilities-

Printing a new handle for the broken desk drawer saves the cost and carbon emissions of sending individual parts from overseas factories-

And on time.

3D printing means less waste and faster solutions.

You can download your own line

Take the desk plug here and download countless other replacement parts from myminifacket and Thingiverse.

Source: thingiverseeverbody hates messy tables, but many of the table organizers outside don't make things better.

But with a little 3D design and a 3D printer, you can create a desktop manager that fits perfectly with everything you need.

There's no wasted space here. -just custom-


You can download your own here.

3D Printing Hacks That Will Improve Your Office Life

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