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3D printing has reached its 'inflection point':

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing has reached the 'inflection point': the adoption of 3D printing technology will break out in the next few years, and analysis firm Gartner predicts that higher shipments and lower prices will accelerate the use of this new technology.

So far, the hype of 3D printing trends has surpassed reality.

Currently, only multiple 3D printers can be created

The size of solid plastic shapes or models starting from scratch and the high price of high-quality commercial grade equipment limit their use.

However, in the first forecast of the price of 3D printers below $ US100, 000, gartner predicts that by the end of 2013, global shipments of 3D printers will increase by 56,507 to reach Taiwan, and then increase by 98,065, total of units were shipped in 2014.

'The 3D printer market has reached an inflection point,' said Peter barreyer, research director at Gartner . '.

'While this is still an emerging market, there is an urgent need for hardware, software, and service providers to provide easier development speed and an increase in buyer interest thanks to the hype that exceeds the technical reality --to-

Use tools and materials to produce continuous high yield

'High quality results,' he said.

Shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow by 52 in the Asia-Pacific developed market.

There were 3817 sets in 2013 and those in 2013.

As adoption continues, Gartner expects this shipment to reach

The rocket reached 70,295 in 2017.

However, Gartner notes that the most impressive growth in this trend will occur in Greater China.

It is expected that the composite annual growth rate of 3D printing shipments in the region will exceed the United States and Western Europe in 2017, an increase of up to 6 percentage points.

In terms of trend disruptive potential, Gartner predicts that due to demand for personalized rather than mass production products, 3D printing trends may shift manufacturing from China to developed countries.

In developed countries, Gartner says this rise in 3D printing trends has the ability to disrupt consumer goods, industry and manufacturing, and consumers will eventually use this technology to make their own products.

This confusion, however, may be a fair way.

'We expect a compelling consumer app --

Something that can only be created at home with a 3D printer-

'Will arrive at the scene by 2016,' Mr Basillere said . '.

'This app will be the most eye-catching use case for consumer 3D printing, will come from the work of manufacturers and other enthusiasts who have pushed the envelope used by consumer 3D printing, and supported by manufacturers developing 'plug-ins'and-play' tools.

3D printing has reached its

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