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3D printing helping surgeons practise transplants

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

As 3D printing helps doctors practice surgery in advance and finds any problems before the problem occurs, transplant surgery in the UK will change soon.

The cost per machine is 拢 250,000, but surgeons say the device can save them expensive time in the operating room and ultimately help speed up the recovery of patients.

'It's a very clever technology to use because it allows us to create scale effectively.

Nicos Kessaris, a transplant surgery consultant, told Sky News, 'a replica of the size of the transplanted organ and abdomen . '.

'In a few cases, whether it's the size of the transplanted organ or the size of the blood vessel, it's complicated, so if there's complexity, it allows us to practice the operation in advance. 'Three-year-

Redding's old Dexter Clark is one of the first patients to benefit from his father Brendan's donation of a kidney that is larger than the average.

'It's great that they can do this,' Dexter's mother, Emily, said . '.

'If they can't have surgery, Dexter will have to go on dialysis until he gets bigger.

'The 3D work was first launched in London by Guy and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust, and may eventually be promoted nationwide.

'If we can take an hour or two off each surgery, this is a serious savings in theater time,' said Phil Reeves of Stratasys, the company behind the technology.

'In terms of the rehabilitation of patients, it will also be very beneficial, so there is a huge economic debate about the use of health services and 3D printing.

3D printing helping surgeons practise transplants using replica organs

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