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3D printing helps heal spinal cord injuries in rats

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Scientists have successfully treated rats in the same condition, bringing hope to humans with severe spinal cord injury.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, used 3D printing technology to create scaffolding that stem cells can implant to help mice regain significant motor control of their hind legs.

The implant contains dozens of tiny channels, only 200-

Wide Micron, guide the growth of neural stem cells and axon along the spinal cord injury.

Due to the biological compatibility design of the scaffold, the blood vessel system of the body can grow naturally so that nerve fibers can stay alive and replenish nutrients and discharge waste.

According to the team, the printing technology it uses is able to create each implant in less than two seconds per device --

The traditional printer takes a few hours.

Their work, published in Nature, explains how the team prints the spinal cord loaded with neural stem cells.

In the test of rats, the scaffold helps animals regenerate tissues, and the stem cell nerve fibers in the scaffold extend into the host spinal cord.

Professor Mark Tarski is a trained doctor and scientist who directs the Institute of Translation neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego medical school

The author of this paper praised the study.

'In recent years and newspapers, we have gradually approached our rich and long-term goals.

'Distance regeneration of injured axon in Spinal cord injury is critical for any real recovery of body function,' said Professor Spinal razski . '.

The team described the Axon as 'a long, threaded extension on the nerve cell that sticks out to connect other cells '.

'The new job brings us closer to what is real,' added Dr. Kobi Koffler.

The author of the paper and the assistant project scientist of the Laboratory Professor tusankski.

Dr. Koffler said that this made the study much closer to reality, 'because the 3D scaffold reproduces the elongated, bundled cable array in the spinal cord . '.

'It helps tissue regenerate the axon to replicate before

Spinal cord injury

'Professor Chen Shaochen, another colleague of the newspaper

The authors, professors and faculty of nanoengineering at the University of California, San Diego Institute of Medical Engineering, explained printing techniques.

'Just like a bridge, it aligns the axon regenerated from one end of the spinal cord injury with the other,' Dr. Chen said . '.

'The axon itself can spread and regenerate in any direction, but the stent keeps the axon in order and guides the axon to grow in the right direction to complete the spinal cord connection.

3D printing helps heal spinal cord injuries in rats

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