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3D Printing Helps Save Newborn's Life

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Recently, a 3D printed model of the fetal head helped doctors save the life of a newborn born at the University of Michigan C. S.

Mott Children's Hospital in the United States

Megan Thompson is about 30 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound shows walnuts-

Her unborn child has a lump of size on his face that prevents him from breathing after birth.

Thompson was referred to Washington, D. C. S.

Mott Children's Hospital, the doctor must decide whether the baby can deliver safely by Caesarean section

rare and complex life-saving procedure.

Using a specialized MRI of the fetus in the uterus, doctors were able to print models of the face of the fetus using a 3D printer to help determine the exact location and level of risk of soft tissue masses.

'According to the images we have, it is not clear whether the public will stop Conan (baby's)

Airway after birth

The 3D printed model of the fetus allows us to see how it looks in person, with something in hand to help us decide the best way to take care of the baby, senior author Glenn Green said. S. Mott.

'This is the first time we realize that 3D printing helps to show how serious the risk of fetal airway is in order to make a clinical decision,' said Green . '.

Additional information obtained from the 3D printing model helps the doctor to determine that Conan does not require a treatment procedure called out-of-uterine delivery (EXIT).

The exit procedure requires partial delivery while the baby is connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord, so that the surgeon can establish an airway for the baby to breathe.

Instead, Conan was born by Caesarean section. section.

'I was scared when I found out that my child might not be able to breathe after birth,' recalls Thompson from Wayne County, Michigan.

'It's the most incredible emotional experience to hear him cry after birth because I know he's okay,' she said . '.

The Journal of Pediatrics outlined the case.

3D Printing Helps Save Newborn

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