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3D printing in newspapers displayed at Chennai

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Manroland, a printing system manufacturer, in WAN-

The 2011 session and Expo of IFRA India was held in Chennai in September 6.

technology through which low levels can be used in ordinary daily newspapers

The German Bild showed cost glasses last year.

The photos selected to be presented in 3D include a fighter on the title page of the publication and the desk of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

By shooting images in 3D using the right camera, or by using software that recalculates existing images to achieve the same effect, add 3D to the image, according to the Messenger published by Manroland.

Several photos published in Messenger magazine are printed for 3D viewing, including printing equipment and natural landscapes.

Similar publications have been published in Thailand, Brazil, Belgium and other countries.

company official said the technology offered better prospects for advertising and editing and increased the appeal of printed newspapers.

3D printing in newspapers displayed at Chennai WAN IFRA expo

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