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3D Printing In-Store Is Very Close And Retailers

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

few years ago, the founder of the Residence Department was three MIT graduates and students.

They asked themselves how to improve their clothes.

They don't study fashion to answer this question.

Instead, they looked at the technology of the clothing itself, what they were made of and how they could be improved.

Since then, they have used technology to create new outfits that are more comfortable and easier to handle.

They also solved the body temperature problem, made clothes, let you cool down faster when you are warm, and keep you warm when you are cold.

Today, they have an online business and nine stores across the country.

Starting with men's wear, they have recently expanded to women's wear and become an important part of the supply department's business.

Their clothing is made of advanced materials that can keep you away from sweat, stay comfortable and can be a machine

Clean and unscrew without dry cleaning or professional laundry.

They did not stop.

They are continuing to improve their products to work better

The new version has been launched.

All of the above is interesting.

However, the head of the supply department is also solving the problem of garment manufacturing technology.

They are pushing the company to become a leader in 3D printing technology by trying the following technologies

Automated Manufacturing of stores.

Last week, the supply department installed a machine in its Boston store to make clothing on demand within 90 minutes (

Finishing offline after clothing creation).

The machine can be set to make the garment day and night, or it can be instructed to make the garment according to the design of a particular customer, allowing the customer to customize the color of the garment they want.

This is a video of GihanAmarasiriwardena, head of design at the supply department, explaining how it works: Here is the video of the machine running: the location of this technology in the store has some very important implications for consumers: when the retail store is built next to the factory, a factory direct store is created so that excess production can be sold to consumers living near the factory.

Now, the supply department reversed the idea by putting the factory in a retail store on Newbury Street, Boston.

There are many advantages to the particular machine being used.

The clothes came out of the inside without any seams.

This eliminates the main pressure points of the garment to make it more durable.

At the same time, it is conceived and created in three dimensions.

Most garments are drawn in 2D and are first created on 2D cutting tables and 2D sewing machines.

The way the supply department handles their design process is called quantitative empathy by them.

Instead of having the design or technician tell the consumer what they should want, or worse ---

Guess, they will meet with consumers and take the time to understand how their clothes can help them get more done in the day.

The management of the supply department calls itself a 'nerd and engineer who makes good things '.

'The way they're going is to focus on what consumers need ---

Products related to consumer needs and carefully designed.

If they can take the lead --

Then they will do something beautiful.

3D Printing In-Store Is Very Close And Retailers Need To Address It

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