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3d printing industry spotlighted

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
According to a futurist, a smart home full of connected devices and home robots is closer than we thought.
This year, the popularity of smart gadgets is very fast, and products like 3D printers and smart thermostats are on the Christmas list for the first time.
According to reports in London, this trend indicates that technology will accelerate in 2015.
Dr. James Bellini, futurist.
At the heart of our future is the British family, which is rapidly becoming the digital center of our increasingly connected lives, he said.
\"Our homes will be further enriched by energy; from high-
Technology gadgets and appliances for smart devices.
Dr. Bellini commented on a report released by energy company SSE, which shows that ordinary families are changing as consumer buying habits change.
The future home report found that in 2015, the most popular product will be a 3D printer, followed by a smart device that connects our phones --
Mainly thermostats and safety systems, and solar energy.
Power charger.
3D printing is a technology that goes further into the mainstream, and this year the first artificial limb made with a 3D printer was used on patients.
Not only are these devices now available in retailers, but there are a number of mobile apps that allow users to create and purchase 3D printed numbers and toys.
Bellini said 3d was described as the biggest economic revolution since Henry Ford introduced production line manufacturing in the 1900 s.
Nasa has used it to make rocket parts.
They are also developing ways to deploy 3D technology to production.
Plan a meal for a manned Mars mission of 2030 kilometers or more.
In China, 3D printing will imitate
Fax machine and microwave oven 1980.
The cost of printers is falling rapidly.
The starter version costs less than 500 ($777)-
They are very versatile.
It takes about 30 minutes to print a new smartphone case
Each home gadget then has toys, handles, pieces, replacement parts.
Then the food.
Nutritionists are looking at ways to print food for the elderly to meet the nutritional/dietary needs of individuals.
Although it\'s too early to print pizza and chocolate in 3D, every family will soon become 3D.
His report also found that one of the products that people are most looking forward to is home robots, and 26 of the people surveyed stressed that humanoid is the ideal product for the next few years.
Technology giant Honda already has a domestic robot, Asimo, that can remember faces and serve drinks, and made its debut in Europe this year.
As the number of home smartphones and tablets grows, Dr. Bellini said, we are starting to see the phasing out of \"traditional\" technologies such as television sets, as well as fixed phones and old portable devices.
Year is the tipping point, the total number of old-
For the first time in Britain, he says, television styles have fallen.
We see more and more people watching TV shows and movies and playing games on tablets and other devices.
He also said the usefulness of numbers goes beyond nostalgia.
In the mobile era, fixed
Telephone lines are as relevant as sand. filled egg-timers.
According to a recent study by Ofcom, this is a highly representative thing.
Third place in 16 to 24year-
Aged 25 to 34 and 26-year-
The elderly live in mobile devices. only homes. \'For the over-
At the age of 75, this figure is only one percentage point.
Major technology brands have also said that the \"Internet of Things\" is becoming more and more influential;
Ultimately, all the devices and appliances in the home will be connected together over the network and controlled from a single device.
Earlier this year, Samsung\'s UK president, Andy Griffiths, said: \"The way the connected world is built has changed dramatically, so in order to move this trend forward for 10 years, it is interesting to note that, by then, the main trend we believe will be connected families.
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