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3d printing is the future of home construction, b.c. inventor says

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
A B. C. -
An engineer said he invented the future of housing construction.
Paul Tinari, a civil and mechanical engineer, said his 3D printer would soon build a house in B. C.
All over the world. A concrete-
The pouring nozzle suspended in the metal box is controlled by the cable connected to the four towers.
When the printer pouring concrete walls layer by layer, the cable moves independently to locate the printer.
The whole system is controlled by software, which tells the printer how to implement the blueprint.
The inventor claimed his device could build a 2,700-square-
Walk home within 24 to 48 hours.
There is carbon fiber \"woven\" in the concrete, which replaces the demand for steel bars.
The residual dead air inside the walls has excellent thermal insulation, he said.
Tinari is not the only inventor to create concrete.
But he says his approach is better than others.
Tinari says his competitors either use robotic arms or truss-both are heavier, bigger and more expensive.
Tinari said his invention of the cable allowed him to place the tower far apart.
\"The beauty of this is that it can build a house of any size,\" he said at a presentation on bennabee 3D printer on Thursday.
Tinari says his technology can build livable houses today, but ne heeds needs to change its testing and building regulations.
\"But it takes time and there are some people who need housing now,\" he said . \".
\"Technology is growing much faster than the bureaucracy can keep up.
Tinari said he hopes to build houses in Vancouver Island\'s first National Reserve soon, where provincial and federal building regulations do not apply.
He also said his invention is perfect for rebuilding communities that have suffered natural disasters, including parts of California that have been ravaged by wild fires.
He also predicted that the Labor group would oppose allowing 3D-
\"Because it eliminates a lot of jobs.
But, he said, home automation
Construction is inevitable and former construction workers will be able to find new and better jobs, including computer programming and maintenance and construction of 3D printers.
\"When horses were replaced by cars, thousands of people lost their jobs, but they were replaced by other jobs that were more interesting in the automotive industry,\" he said . \".
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