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3D printing may be cool – but also toxic, study warns

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

The journal Environmental Science and Technology Express published the results of a group of researchers at the University of California, Riverside, titled 'evaluating and reducing 3D-Printed Parts.

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In 2014, the safety of the materials used in 3D printing first attracted interest, when Shirin Oskui, a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside, in her study of the zebrafish embryos that subsequently died, a 3D print section was used.

This unexpected finding led to a comprehensive study led by William Grover, a bioengineer and assistant professor at the University of California Riverside, of which 2. 5 cm-

Plastic tray with diameter 3D

Print it out with two machines and put it in a petri dish containing the zebrafish fish embryo.

The team tested the materials used by two of the most popular 3D printers: the melted plastic used by Stratasys and the Form 1 liquid resin used by Formlabs.

The survival rate and hatching rate of embryos were negatively affected in both samples.

Embryos exposed to plastic parts

The average survival rate of the melting printer was slightly lower than that of the control embryo.

However, more than half of the embryos are exposed to the liquid

The resin tray died within three days, almost all after a whole week.

Very few survived showed signs of abnormal development after hatching.

'We are very surprised by this and think that others should know,' Grover said, according to Newsweek . '.

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However, the researchers also confirmed that 3D-was exposed in one print-

Printed parts made from liquid resin to UV significantly reduce their toxicity levels.

The next step in this study will be to study the composition of 3D printed materials and try to estimate their harm to humans.

'Many people, including me, are excited about 3D printing.

But we really need to take a step back and ask how safe these materials are. Calls on the authorities to reconsider current regulations on 3D materials and to develop new strategies for their safe disposal.

Currently, researchers recommend that materials used in 3D printing be processed at hazardous waste centers.

3D printing may be cool – but also toxic, study warns

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