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3D printing of prototype model-Find a reliable manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-06- 24 15: 10

Miss Zhang's company is a company in Dongguan that makes toys. Their newly made opinions and new products need 3D printing, looking for a prototype factory nearby, so search online' 3D printing of prototype model' I found the extension model, contacted the relevant business, and explained some problems encountered before, such as delivery, price, prototype quality, etc. After understanding the business, I invited her to the extension factory.

Miss Zhang came to Tuowei with her team on the 3rd day, li Gong, the business, received her and explained to her some of the relevant advantages of tuowei, and took her to visit tuowei's production workshop and production equipment, after that, Miss Zhang handed over the 3D drawings to the business Li Gong to report the price, and felt that the price was reasonable and she paid the deposit very decisively.

after several days of production, the prototype model 3D printing was completed and the prototype was delivered to Miss Zhang. After receiving the prototype, Miss Zhang was very satisfied with the prototype quality and delivery speed, and said: in the future, there is also a need for prototype production. I will definitely find the extension dimension and hand it over to the extension dimension. The 3D printing prototype has been made by the extension model for decades, and has accumulated a lot of processing experience. If you need the original processing, the extension dimension is your good choice.

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