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3d printing plastics market worth $1.98 billion

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing plastic market worth $1.

98 billion before 2025 | CAGR: 24.

9%: Daguan Research Co. , Ltd.

San Francisco, December 5, 2018, San Francisco, December 5, 2018/PRNewswire /--

The global 3D printing plastic market is expected to reach $1.

98 billion according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. , by 2025

The annual compound growth rate is 24.

9% during the Forecast period.

The demand for 3d printing plastics is expected to contribute to market growth during the forecast period, particularly from the medical and aerospace and defense industries. (Logo: )

The 3D printing plastic market has benefited from good support from governments in major economies such as the United States. S. and China.

3D printing products greatly help achieve economies of scale by consuming esser lead time, reducing costs and reducing risks.

3D plastic can also be customized according to the needs of consumers.

As a result, the demand for 3D printing plastics from various end-use industries such as automotive, medical, electrical and electronics has surged.

The adoption rate of 3D printing will rise sharply in several new end-user industries, which in turn will lead to higher demand for printed materials such as plastics.

Functional prototypes, tools and designs have enabled 3D printing to be widely used in new applications.

Consumer goods are becoming an important application of 3D plastic products because additive manufacturing technology has shortened the lead time.

Innovative Additive manufacturing solutions enable the production of design parts with complex geometric shapes, thereby facilitating manufacturers to meet the needs of consumers for personalized parts.

In terms of revenue and quantity in 2017, photopolymer is the main plastic product.

Increased demand for optical polymers can be attributed to high consumption of industrial prototypes produced by utilizing SLA technology.

It is estimated that due to the growth in demand for domestic and commercial applications, nylon/nylon grew at the fastest rate during the forecast period.

The use of nylon/nylon is accompanied by laser sintering technology.

Use TOC to browse the full study report on '3D printed plastic Market Size, Share and trend analysis report (by type (

ABS & ASA, light polymer, nylon/nylon, PLA), By Form (

Silk, ink, powder)

2018-forecast by application and segment

2025 'at: further key findings from the report indicate: * North America will be the dominant regional market on the global stage in terms of revenue for the entire forecast period, the composite growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach 26.

7% in the same period.

Government preferential policies in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China and India, may drive market growth * in 2017, photo polymer is the largest segment in the global 3D printing plastic market.

Optical Polymers are widely used at several ends

On April 2018, 3D Systems Corporation, as an adhesive, additive, pigment, plasticizer and chemical agent in 3D printing products *, participated in the rapid TCT 2018 held in the United StatesS.

The company's portfolio consists of several solutions that will help manufacturers shift from prototyping to production and recognize their competitive advantage.

Figure 4鈩he platform demonstrates the best throughput and accuracy required to produce plastic parts.

Browse related reports by Grand View Research: * Hot Interface Materials Market-

The global thermal interface material market is $1.

2015 23 billion.

* Market for inorganic flashing materials-

The global market for inorganic flash materials is estimated at $337.

2016 8 million.

* Geomembrane market-

Global geomembrane market size is 809.

2015 9 million.

* Soundproofing market-

The global soundproofing market is $9.

2015 33 billion.

Grand View Research divides the global 3D printing plastic market by type, form, application and region: * 3D printing plastic type outlook (Volume, Tons;

Income, $2014-2025)

* Photo polymer * ABS & ASA * polyamide/nylon * lactic acid * other * 3D printed plasticVolume, Tons;

Income, $2014-2025)

* Silk * Ink * powder * 3D printing plastic application prospect (Volume, Tons;

Income, $2014-2025)

* Automotive * Medical * Aerospace & Defense * Consumer Goods * 3D printed plastic area outlook (Volume, Tons;

Income, $2014-2025)

* North America * United StatesS.

* Canada * Mexico * Europe * Germany * France * United StatesK.

* Italy * Asia Pacific * China * India * Japan * South Korea * Central and South America * Brazil * Middle East and Africa * South Africa Big View Compass by big View research company

About Daguan Research Co. , Ltd. is a U. S.

Based in San Francisco, a California-based market research and consulting company.

The company provides joint research reports, customized research reports and consulting services.

To help our clients make informed business decisions, we provide market intelligence research to ensure relevant and factual

Basic research in a range of industries from technology to chemicals, materials and healthcare.

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9519 mail: Sales @ grand View Research.

3d printing plastics market worth $1.98 billion by 2025 | cagr: 24.9%: grand view research, inc.

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