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3D printing poised to shake up shopping

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

According to the speaker at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, ordinary people can one day use 3D printers to make shoes, glasses frames and toys at home instead of going to the store. Music star willi.

Am, who debuted as a 3D system creative officer, predicts that the technology will serve many basic projects, as iTunes does for the way people get songs.

He predicts that 3D printers will be common in the home in ten years, and that people will print out daily supplies instead of going to the store or waiting for delivery.

'3D printers like refrigerators, TVs and microwaves are all in your house,' will said. i. am said.

3D printing has been around for about 25 years, but its popularity has surged as technology advances and costs drop to the point that enthusiasts, artists and entrepreneurs can reach.

Printers facing the domestic market usually use plastic layers to make products.

'Imagine it as laying micro-bricks;

The level and level of these bricks, 'Roger Chang, Singapore's chief executive, said --

Pirate 3D is a Pirate home printer for $ US497 ($ 560 ).

'In the end, if you put enough bricks, you will get a building. 'Brooklyn-

MakerBot is the only 3D printer company at the show five years ago.

Now, it is surrounded by competitors in a large exhibition hall dedicated to this trend.

'We feel this is a year of 3D printing,' MakerBot spokesman Jenifer Howard told AFP . '.

In addition to objects like statues, pawns and appliance handles, the printer can pump ball bearings, gears and components for works with moving parts.

'3D printing is really unlimited,' Howard said . '

She noted that aerospace and defense contractor Lockheed Martin used the MakerBot printer to make parts for telescopes launched into space in about four years.

MakerBot printers have been used in Africa to make fake hands, and the cost is only a fraction of their usual cost, Howard said.

Digital plan of 'robot'

According to MakerBot, the 'hand' has been downloaded 55,000 times and the company offers a huge digital blueprint library for free on its website. Fifth-

The cost of a generation of Makerbot printers ranges from $375 to $500.

'Once you start 3D printing, you actually look at the world in a different way,' Howard said . '.

'You said you could go by yourself instead of thinking about going to the store.

According to Chang of 3D Pirate, 3D printing will become one of the mainstream toy manufacturers.

'Just like iTunes allows indie musicians to thrive by publishing digital songs, indie toy designers can let their customers print out toys without worrying about economies of scale or distribution deals, Zhang said.

Andrew Bogley from Las Vegas

study based on full-spectrum lasers cites a study that shows that ordinary families can save up to $ a year by printing out alternatives to 27 common broken home items.

3D printing poised to shake up shopping

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