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3d printing prosthetics

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
3D printing allows for completely customized products, including parts for one person only.
In this article, I would like to highlight some applications, especially around the application of artificial limbs.
In my opinion, 3D printing is a very interesting manufacturing technology.
This technology allows the creation of truly customized parts and components.
In fact, I would like to place a special emphasis on fully customized products in this article.
Before we do this, I would like to introduce what 3D printing is and how it works.
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is essentially a layer-by-layer creation of parts.
Usually, the machine will put down a small layer of material, one layer, sometimes much smaller than the diameter of human hair.
These small layers are constantly stacked before the final product appears.
This process allows the creation of some very complex parts that cannot be produced by other techniques or by hand.
How does this process actually work?
First of all, an artist, designer, engineer, or whatever you want to call design will create a design.
Usually the designer will make the work through 3D software on the computer.
This 3D model will then be sent to a manufacturing plant or printer.
These 3d printers will then use the design as a blueprint.
Because 3D printing is done around a CAM system or a computer-aided manufacturing system, it will use a blueprint or a 3D model and create a part based on the exact size.
Not always exact size but very close!
If a design has some very detailed details and the printer uses a low-resolution material, it may not appear.
Anyway, the computer in the printer will tell the ink jet to put down the exact location of the material.
The process is great for completely unique situations.
Some of these cases involve the use of artificial limbs.
Maybe a patient is born with a serious defect or a serious accident.
Maybe this person\'s situation includes losing one leg.
With 3D printing, a very efficient and unique prosthesis can be achieved!
Some designs include the creation of real works of art and beautiful curves.
A basic frame is used so that the prosthesis works, and then the designer will cheat the rest of the prosthesis.
This gives the user a very unique artificial leg.
This can also be said for other applications, such as facial implants.
Maybe the user\'s bones are fragile, there was an accident, or something else!
Doctors and engineers use 3d printing technology to help and take over facial reconstruction through a variety of materials.
3D scanning is used in conjunction with 3D printing to create very precise models and parts.
These components are then used to make artificial limbs.
With the creation of completely unique works, who knows what else will happen in the world of artificial limbs?
For each individual case and case, a piece can be made by 3D printing.
For any changes that a patient may have, 3D printing may help solve them by creating a completely unique piece.
3D printing, regardless of size, has few restrictions on design structures or materials, saving a day!
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