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3d printing prototype model production, short cycle processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2018-10- 01 18: 41

as we all know, there are several processing methods in general prototype factories, CNC processing, 3D printing processing and vacuum re-mold processing are three commonly used processing methods. These processing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you want to have a short delivery period, making a prototype model with 3d printing is a good choice.

Miss Li searched' 3d printing prototype model making' Find the extension model and want to make the prototype. Because the prototype she has to do is in a hurry, it is obviously too late to use CNC machining. After some communication, Miss Li agreed to do it with 3D printing. Moreover, the Tuowei model was processed by 3d printers imported from Israel, which is naturally higher in accuracy than other prototype factories. After two days of efforts by the staff throughout the day, Miss Li received a 3d printed prototype model within the specified time.

Miss Li is also very satisfied with the prototype made by the extension model. , and said that if you need to make a prototype in the future, you will cooperate with the extension model. If you want to deliver within 2 days, you can use the method of 3d printing prototype model making, which can improve work efficiency and save a lot of time.

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