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3d printing rapid prototyping factory-Take samples to the customer company to communicate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2018-12- 21 21: 01

with the change of time, the development of society, the progress of human beings, the current' Rapid prototyping technology for 3D printing'Really developed very fast.

Mr. Pan's company was just founded, in this aspect of the model, it is still more cautious. The previous model proofing is to choose 3D printing rapid prototyping, but it also needs suppliers with delivery guarantee, they want to confirm the approximate stability in the early stage through 3D printing, because they all know that the newly developed project can confirm the mold opening more than once, so save some funds in this way, if you find the problem, you can modify it in time and officially test the prototype directly, and the printing speed is relatively fast.

so he searched'Rapid prototyping of 3D printing' Finding the tuowei prototype model company may not be familiar with both sides in front of it, and it also needs a grinding period. The relevant business is also very sincere. It directly takes the 3D printed samples and CNC samples to their company to communicate, at first, they also had a way of testing, but only a few small parts were printed for Tuowei. After seeing the quality of the Tuowei rapid prototyping factory, they were safely printed for Tuowei, which is equivalent to other suppliers, the print piece is still relatively thin, the surface is very clean, and it also helps the assembly, and has gained the trust of the customer. When the board is confirmed to be CNC, it has been done for the extension.

So, 3D printing rapid prototyping factory for customer service also needs good faith and sincere quality delivery = happy cooperation.

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