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3d printing service bureaus on growth path with almost $3 billion in revenue

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
The Wohlers Report, 3D printing and additive manufacturing Industry Status Report, is released every spring.
Over the past few years, I have reported overall growth in the industry from this analysis.
In fact, I did the same thing this year: Wohlers reported 2018: The 3D printer industry grew 21% to $7 billion.
A large part of the growth is based on the \"service provider\" category-these companies have added a large part to this upward trend, so, I want to take some time to study this important and profitable area.
Additive Manufacturing (AM)
According to toWohlers 2018, revenue from independent service providers worldwide is estimated at $2.
Obtained 955 billion from parts sales produced by the additive manufacturing system in 2017.
This is up 36% from $2.
173 billion reported 2016 per cent.
It is important to keep in mind that this comes from dependent service providers.
Therefore, this income does not even include big companies like Stratasys that have their own service bureau Stratasys Direct, nor does it include 3D systems that have Quickparts services.
Wohlers Associates maintains a good list of service providers.
Disclosure: I received a copy of the media for the 2018 report.
InWohlers Report 2018 from AM/3D printing service provider: installed system (
The above points are given)
It is a stereo printing printer from 3D system.
The company says it\'s not surprising when asked what system they think is the most profitable for them.
If they are going to expand the AM capacity, which system are they most likely to buy?
The most popular response was \"EOS Metal Powder bed fusion technology \".
\"The fact that more and more companies want to install metal systems shows the overall trend in the market.
When system manufacturers decide to enter the game and basically compete with their own customers-service providers-one of the biggest paradigm shifts in AM begins.
This could be part of a service provider\'s decision to buy less system transitions or changes from established or mainstream players such as Stratasys, EOS, or 3D Systems.
Of the 202 machines purchased in 2017, 82 were \"non-mainstream\" --which is a 40.
6% more than in 2016. Popular non-
The mainstream machine is a metal system from bright laser technology and a multi-nozzle fusion from HP. Non-
By the way, the mainstream does not necessarily mean cheap.
When you start thinking\"
Mainstream \"or below-
Established system of division between mainstream and non-mainstream
When you join the so-called desktop 3D printer, the mainstream is shrinking and starting to blur.
The quality of these desktops is high, not to mention that they are smaller, easier, and faster to install (in some cases)
The cost is less than $5,000-well, you can start seeing service providers, and maybe a bigger disruption for some mainstream system manufacturers.
Of course, there is a full section in the report devoted to this new category.
I have tested both LulzBot and Ultimaker machinesmedia loans), among others.
But some of the leading desktop 3D printers are LulzBot (
Their TAZ 6 and the new Mini 2 cost $1,500), Ultimaker (
Sell Ultimaker 3 for $3,500), MakerGear (
Sell the latest M3 for $3300).
The old saying \"you get what you pay for\" can come true in any industry and I can prove many customer stories about these --
Desktop computers are mentioned.
Because the customer service and reliability are very good, people like them very much.
However, even these smaller guys face the challenge of coming from lower cost machines, like you did from Monoprice (
I tested the Monoprice Mini Delta 3D printer and was impressed with it, but they have a few low
Cost model for getting decent reviews).
The last two I thought of, although I have not tested it, include the MatterHackers Pulse 3D printer (
Customized and assembled for you)
And Prusa i3 MK3 (
You can also purchase unassembled kits for less).
You can find some of the most popular shop printers in the 3D hub\'s printer guide.
In fact, I highly recommend their guide as it is based on real users who do a lot of real printing for their customers on a daily basis.
Wohlers reports 2018 sharing reviews from service providers;
I find these things that help to understand what people on the front line are going through (
Especially in desktop)
: However, the trend seems to be that although many people buy their own equipment to make parts, it will not hurt the service bureau\'s business as some people are concerned about.
Parts created by less experienced people on some machines may result in lower quality 3D printing.
Also, for busy engineers or inventors, it\'s not worth taking the time to patch the 3D printer-just outsource locally with the 3D hub provider or through a national bureau.
The overall performance of the AM market in 2017.
The main income increased by 23.
8%, second income (
Such as tooling)up 14.
4%. the additive manufacturing service is in a pretty good place.
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