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3D printing solutions for industry

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09


Led research at the RMIT 3D printing facility is recognized for bringing benefits to students, employees and businesses in a competitive environment.

Advanced manufacturing area of University (AMP)

In this month's endeavor award, I was nominated for 'manufacturing skills development excellence', while the 3D printing steel tools Project, which works with industry partners, will receive the 'technology application' award.

The endeavor Award is recognized as Australia's top manufacturing award and held during the national manufacturing cycle.

Professor Milan Brandt, technical director of AMP, said that the $35 million factory, which has been in operation for eight years now, is widely regarded as the best factory for advanced manufacturing research and skills development in Australia.

'The factory consolidates our expertise in additive manufacturing and helps our partners create customized solutions --

New product, process, or business model

This gives them an advantage, 'said Brandt. said.

3D printing solutions for industry

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