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3D printing technology goes from clinic to catwalk.

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Due to the technological progress of Belgian companies, the design was achieved with EU funding, and the EU Dutch designer Iris van Herpen supported it yesterday [Monday, July 1]

new premium custom Paris Fashion Week was launched, produced using 3D printing technology from Belgian company Materialise.

The design is made by the use of acutting-

The edge application of the technology is creating a small revolution in fashion and design, just as it has revolutionized medicine.

To achieve the first AdditiveManufacturing (AM)

Software and Solutions, more often than not 3d printing, its size grows from a university spin

Part of the reason is EU research funding.

Speaking of Sven Hemans's latest series, the account manager for implementation said: 'We worked with irishwan hepang for the first time to produce a blend of unique, transparent

Like a structure made with huge stereo printing. .

The skirt is seamless and can be measured due to 3D printing.

It is exciting to work with Iris van Herpen to give life to complex geometric designs;

When complex shapes need to be fast and holistic, 3D printing does what other forms of garment manufacturing cannot do.

'The design was originally created in collaboration with Belgian architects and CGartist Isaie Bloch, and then 3D printing was optimized using material software.

At this point, the defect or obstacle has been fixed before continuing to work and sending the design to the printer.

This design is then given life using huge stereo printing technology, an additional manufacturing technology that can create objects layer by layer.

UV lasersscan is designed as a liquid resin, and 3D objects will gradually harden no matter where the laser shines.

Application of 3D printing in design and manufacturing European research and innovation funding materials is a university project focused on rapid prototyping applications.

With the development of the company, after performing CT or MR scans and translating this information into actionable models, it began to provide a highly accurate model of patient anatomy for surgeons.

These models have greatly improved diagnosis and surgical planning.

They are also used as masters of surgical implants or prosthesis. Through on-

With the support of the EU, the application of this technology continues to grow and diversify, and today it is possible to enter the medical, automotive, design and consumer markets.

The company is now a leader in 3D printing technology, employing almost 900 of its employees, promoting the development of European industry and creating jobs.

The emergence of the founder and CEO of Wilfried Vancraen said: 'The realization will never become what is Europeanbacking.

It gives a small company a chance to do more. Develop regularly.

3D printing has become an important prototype technology.

By providing feedback to development engineers and designers in the design phase, the model of the new design product was effectively closed.

'Implementation is a prominent example of EU innovation.

It uses advanced technology to help surgeons rebuild people's bodies and apply it to other designs.

Michael Jennings, spokesman for the European Commission for Research, Innovation and Science, commented.

'The cultural and creative industries that benefit from this technology account for 3.

3% of the European economy, employment 6.

There are 7 million people.

So we have now developed a successful manufacturing process in Europe that supports one of our key export industries.

'3D printing technology has evolved and is increasingly considered a complete manufacturing technology.

The advantages and potential of this technology are multifaceted: inventory is unnecessary when you print what you needto-

The market is very short (

After designing and modifying the 3D file, you can continue to generate it)

The technology allows large scale

Customization and production of many unique products.

You can also make very complex shapes with traditional techniques.

In 2014, the EU will launch a new seven-year research and innovation funding program called Horizon 2020.

Since 2007, the EU has invested nearly 450 billion euros in research and innovation projects to support European economic competition and expand the frontier of human knowledge.

The EU research budget accounts for about 12% of the total research public spending in 28 EU member states, mainly in the fields of health, environment, transportation, food and energy.

Research partnerships have also been established with the pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive and electronics industries to encourage private sector investment to support future growth and job creation with high skills.

Horizon 2020 will focus on turning good ideas into marketable products, processes and services.

For the latest information on European research and innovation, please visit: Its headquarters is located in Leuven, Belgium, with branches around the world and has played an active role in the field of additive manufacturing (AM)since 1990.

In addition to having the largest AM device capacity in Europe, as a provider of innovative software solutions, materiise also enjoys a first-class reputation.

They take advantage of their experience and expertise, by participating in AM in industrial and medical applications, as well as providing bio-

Medical and clinical solutions such as medical image processing and surgical simulation.

Materialise has developed unique solutions that create a different world for many customers through its prototyping, production and medical needs.

These customers come from big companies in the automotive, consumer electronics and consumables industries;

Serving well-known hospitals, institutes and clinicians;

Interested in individual consumers to bring their own unique creations into life through I.

Who wants to buy a celebration. MGX design.

The Materialise machine is the largest and fastest stereoscopic printing machine in the world, manufactured by the company and unique to the company.

For more information on implementing the design application, visit: copyright Financial Mirror.


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3D printing technology goes from clinic to catwalk.

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