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3D printing technology will become the core competence of the prototype industry to seize market orders

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2017-09- 05 20: 30

3D printing technology will become the core competence of the prototype industry to seize market orders

an industrial product from technical research to large quantities going public has to go through the industrial design process of 14 links. One of the steps is called'Prototype production' This is the current commercial phase of 3D printing.

The prototype is also called'First Board' , Refers to a number of product samples made according to the product drawings without opening the mold, which are mainly used to verify the product, including appearance, structure and function. Since this model can only be handmade by experienced technicians, the name of the student'Prototype'. However, the current mainstream is the CNC prototype made by CNC machine tools, and the prototype made by 3D printing is at the forefront at present.

The 3D printing service provider of Shenzhen tuowei prototype model company told reporters that 99% of their orders were printed prototypes.

3D printing naturally does not require a mold, which is undoubtedly an ideal way of prototyping. But on the other hand, the industrial design agency told me that less than 10% of the prototypes would be made using 3D printing.


take a look at the case of a successful 3D printing prototype.

The prototyping story of a lock product happened this year. This lock is made of special metal, so the traditional prototype cut out by a CNC machine tool, usually the material is nylon, PC or ABS-- These materials do not verify the feasibility of the design of this lock. So how to design this special lock before? Only in the case of perfect and careful paper work, skip the prototype to directly make the mold, and make a prototype with the mold pouring to verify. This is a risk. If there are design defects that need to be adjusted, the cost of tens of millions of molds in the whole set will be wasted--In auditing, this is called sunk cost.

so that's why safes in Europe sell more expensive than villas that place them-- Most of the R & D costs are'Sinking'Now.

but the story I heard has a bright ending. Because of the use of 3D printing technology, the design company directly allows the 3D printing service provider to process the special metal raw materials provided by the customer into powder, print out multiple samples according to different design drawings and verify them at the same time, identify effective designs. If all the product designs of the batch have not been verified, the time for adjusting the design drawings to re-sample can also be controlled within one week. This design case, which took a year or more in the past, only passed the acceptance in two months.

' The sample printed in 3D is not just a look. It must be a product with everything that this product should have. ' design company boss told me this. In his view, the traditional prototype production can only be an infinite approximation of the prototype of the product, take this'Approaching'To verify the product, there is always room for error. 3D printing can directly output the product in kind. Considering that the meaning of the prototype is'Try wrong' There is nothing more accurate than the finished product.

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