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3D printing: The shape of things to come?

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Can make flowerpots today,

It could be a phone call or even a house in the future.

But if big businesses are worried about the 3D printing revolution, Brendan daos will make egg cups with his 3D printer.

Enrico Dini wants to build an ice house on the moon with his family.

We can print it out today.

Installed teeth and titanium hip joint;

Tomorrow, we can print live tissue and make new veins and new organs.

With a 3D printer, a person who is useless in making things can make incredibly complex and beautiful objects.

The design created on the PC can turn the wire shaft of the plastic filament

Heat, melt and guide into shape by computer

Control print head

Anything you want

few years ago, a Google executive said, 'Imagine it as China on your desktop . '.

In 1978, Dr. Adrian Bowie made his first computer.

He spends a month every night.

Weld it together.

Today, Boyer's Nascom 1 was nailed to the wall of his study, a circuit board covered with gold marks and hard-to-penetrate black boxes.

The new and different machines buzzed on his desktop with a faint smell of caramel.

They are copying fast prototypes.

Bowyer also made these by himself, but maybe one day, every family will have a computer because every family has a computer.

People have been making things with 3D printers for more than 30 years.

About the same time that Bowie patched his Nascom, a man named Wyn Kelly Swainson was granted a patent called stereo printing.

Imagine a big bucket filled with clear liquid.

Just below the surface of the liquid is a flat plate.

The Blue-ray burst sk that goes back and forth in the plate: a laser beam, guided by a computer, and designed to solidify everything it touches.

The plate moved a small part of the millimeter down, and the laser began its dance again.

Build an object layer by layer.

Bowyer said: 'When the process is over, the plate comes out of the liquid, just as Venus comes out of the half shell.

Basic idea of Swainson

Drip tray, layered construction, computer-

Auxiliary design and control

Many magical machines have since been born.

The perfect scale model can be made from hot wax emitted from tiny pipes connected to the print head;

At the lines of titanium powder, electron beams can be emitted, melting them together, layer by layer;

Part of the plaster dust from a large bucket that looks like an archaeological excavation has found.

There are also RepRap and its descendants, MakerBot and Ultimaker, as well as Fab @ Home.

These machines don't look complicated. Meccano-

It's like a plastic stick sticking the skeleton of a metal stick together.

The items they produce do not look particularly delicate either.

They are made from a spray icing method: the plastic is squeezed out of the nozzle in an incremental layer.

There is no smooth shell, but these 1,000-pound machines have the same capabilities as those of 100,000-pound machines that allow objects to grow from scratch.

Around these machines, like any new technology, you will find a group of avid enthusiasts and far-sighted, industrialists and revolutionary.

Listening to hub bub causes anxiety: is it really possible for us to print an iphone in our print before the end of ten years

At home, there are university researchers and garage decorators all over the world who will tell you, yes, we are working on ways to print circuits, clear glass, or concrete walls.

There's a Science Beyond 3D Printing.

novel about them

Enrico Dini, an energetic Italian engineer, wants to build a house with a giant printer that makes organic Gaud铆

Esque structure using a mixture of sand and adhesive.

His company is based in London, 'because I want to engage with private equity companies in the UK.

I also fell in love with a woman, but this is another story.

'Technical and logistical issues of Dini D-

The shape printer is huge.

Transport a lot of sand, one-

The financial crisis has intensified since the recession.

Dini is concerned that big companies are already developing competitor projects, waiting to enter the field at the right time.

'They have 100 times more capital than I do,' he said . '.

This is the passion that Dini has for technology and there is nothing to stop his ambition.

His latest project is to build a foster family and partner

Design the structure on the moon using a 3D printer, using a binder and lunar dust.

The first deep vacuum test was successful.

(Last summer, an object --a spanner -

Printing at zero gravity for the first time;

Being able to make complex objects quickly and without human intervention means 3D printing is an ideal external device

Space Technology.

'If I don't put my life on the table today to prove that it works, everything can fail,' he said . '.

So he continued.

The space ice house is always more attractive than the egg cup.

But if, for different reasons, what happens at the low end of the 3D printing market is as radical as what happens at the high end.

You may not know someone who has a 3D printer yet, but Neil geshenfeld, director of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, said, 'digital personal production has been growing exponentially, the way these exponential operations work is that there is some obstacle to perception.

You may think nothing happened, and then suddenly a revolution happened. ' Brooklyn-

MakerBot-based companies have sold about 6,000 machines to tech companies.

Savvy early adopters like Brendan Daos, the aforementioned egg cup maker.

But we don't know how many 3D printers are out there.

Some people, like RepRap, can make their own parts and copy them themselves.

Bowyer designed them to be 'evolutionary stable': RepRaps provide goods for people to build them, just as flowers provide nectar for bees and let them carry pollen

Another problem with desktop 3D printers is that what people are making at home now doesn't look so exciting.

Take Thingiverse as an example, this is a website where people upload photos and design files of things they design and make themselves.

There are plastic kittens.

Plastic doors stop.

Plastic flowerpots.

Plastic toy plane

Plastic parts, encoder wheels, screw isolator and servo wheels, individual parts used to improve the printer, but not many others.

But just as your inner resentment is starting to get active, because homemade plastic chocolate doesn't look more attractive than Made in Taiwan, someone will tell you a warning story.

The call of Ferguson Olsen.

At the head, a famous statement called 'Digital Equipment Co. , Ltd. (December) on 1977, Olsen:' There is no reason for any individual to have one at his home.

As Gershenfeld said today, 'now that December is bankrupt, you have a computer at home . '

'It will make you look stupid to underestimate the potential of new technologies to adapt, develop and thrive.

Once you 've overcome the fact that yes, if people have a chance to do whatever they want, they do carrot clips and Thingiverse shows us something important.

How democratic the development of 3D printing is, this is very remarkable.

When people design things, they can easily share digital files so that others can copy them.

Once you have the file, you can adjust or customize it to your own needs.

'If your needs are the same as others on earth, you can buy the same quality --

The product 'Gershenfeld' produced.

'But if you want a phone with a completely different shape, or a custom train track, you can do that.

Bowie posted details of his first RepRap machine online to keep the technology free.

He said he did so for an unusual noble reason.

It seems to me that this is a very powerful technology, and if you are trying to create ownership on it, you divide the world into producers and producers, which is a way to make bad things happen.

'There is a revolutionary taste of this conversation.

'Is there some industry,' There are basically no people who should be threatened, 'Gershenfeld said '.

Because they think these toys.

By the time they were threatened, it was too late.

'At the Royal Academy of Art, you can see why technology has the power of division.

Walking between the rooms in the studio Rapidform, the machine looks the same except for the toy.

huge titanium printer is covered with mathematical formulas

'It's a bit dark art to operate it,' said Nick Grace, the amiable studio manager --

There is a smell that I think is soy sauce but is actually a mix of many toxic chemicals.

(Compared to the RepRaps that Adrian Bowie runs on starch --

plastic called pla that exudes sweetness.

) In the plain industrial shell of these machines, strange and beautiful items of Baroque style are produced, which can be seen in the glass shell installed on the wall of the corridor: titanium face angry a resin dog with antlers, a wax shell with a very small shape.

The latter two are created by scanning real objects, scaling up or down, possibly adding antlers and printing them out.

This is why the debate between traditional craftsmen and digital designers has become active.

Grace said: 'Traditionally

The manufacturer had to rely on another person to help him.

Now they can do it themselves.

This includes a lot of ludism mentality, a lot of fear.

Some people think that in order to make something better, it must be difficult to achieve, which is unfair to a person who is easy to achieve something.

When Grace showed me how to use some design software, I reconsidered what he meant by 'ease.

When I awkwardly punch holes in the 3D cube on the screen, I was wondering how long it would take me to design something worth printing.

According to James Russell, a computer-aided design consultant at the college, it doesn't take more than a few weeks to master the technology.

But, he admits, 'making software easier for the masses is what needs to happen next.

'Or I can copy something else.

Early last year, an app called trimenode was launched that allows you to scan objects with your iPhone.


My scan of my colleague's face shows that the Telegraph's staff is troglodytes-

But, compared to the thousands you pay for a decent desktop scanner, it only costs 69 p.

The point is: as the scanner becomes cheaper, or the scanning app becomes more refined, we will be able to create design files for all the objects we have or desire.

Once you have the documents, you can find a way to print them out at home or at a printing factory that opens due to start a business --

Ups are like Sculpteo and Shapeways.

This seems to be a vague field.

But, as it happens, design projects in the UK have very poor protection for replication.

Design can be registered for up to 25 years.

They are treated as industrial products, not works of art, which can be copyrighted 70 years after the creator's death.

But even if our design protection is aligned with stronger EU laws, for example, what is the way to stop someone from copying, as our lives become more digital, the lights they love are in the privacy of their own homes: the music we listen to, the photos we take, the movies we watch and the TV we watch.

Gershenfeld used a phrase to describe me, perhaps because Star Trek sounds awesome: 'programming physical reality '.

Turn things on the screen into things around us.

It's terrible because it's new because some people

Manufacturer, craftsman, designer

Because it may be lost.

But don't be too afraid.

'We have been going through these shifts for centuries,' said Gershenfeld . '.

'It takes us back to the horse racing against the steam train.

The train won, but we still have horses.

Makerbot Replicator is pre-for beginners-

Gather in Brooklyn

Double extruder model-

This means you can print in two colors

About 拢 1,250 (plus about 拢 100 shipped from the US ). store. makerbot.

The design of Printrbot is accessible: Your first printer.

The point is that the structure is simple and welding is not required.

The kit costs about 拢 340; the US-

Companies based around the world will ship from all over the world. printrbot.

An expert named RepRap Huxley

Third generation RepRap printer-

Compact and portable.

You have to make it yourself and you need to get them if you don't already have a soldering iron, a digital multimeter or a curling tool.

The cost of a complete set of parts and hardware is about 拢 399. reprappro.

3D printing: The shape of things to come?

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