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3D printing to alter manufacturing sector, engineers say

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Engineers say 3D printing will significantly change manufacturing in Canada.

Nigel Southway, chairman of the Association of Manufacturing Engineers in Toronto, said 3D printing will be 'ready for full implementation and rolling'

Quit in the next five years.

Southway warns that jobs will be reduced, but some of these losses will be offset by a more skilled workforce.

Learn how 3D printing works 'this is a fact of technical life and if it is a good technology it will reduce costs and make things easier.

Unfortunately, this means fewer jobs . '

'This is not a huge unemployment situation.

However, if we do not adopt this technology, we will lose more because we will not develop products in Canada and will not choose to keep the products we have.

The latest statistics from Statistics Canada show that manufacturing is worth $49.

In August, 5 billion fell slightly after three months.

Canada's skilled workforce must continue to evolve to keep up with changing technologies, said Neville.

'We can't help it.

This is a very portable technology.

'Everyone will have this technology soon,' said Neville . '.

'If we don't do that, other people will do it and we won't be in the game either.

Jill urbannik, associate professor of mechanical, automotive and materials engineering at the University of Windsor, said, 'You can always find negative arguments for any technological development '.

'The bottom line is that we have to develop what people want at cost, what people like --

'The way you compete and the way you add value, you have to always have the latest and greatest technology,' she said . '.

'Great potential.

How to use this potential depends on us, and that's where I come from.

There is always a problem.

3D printing will reduce costs, increase opportunities and encourage innovation, said Southway and Urbanic.

'It allows engineers to do one-

'Try it,' said Nanwei . '.

'The ideas behind it are as limited as your imagination,' Urbanic said . '. 3D printing —

Also known as additive manufacturing

Solid objects are created by layering material flakes including plastic, metal and ceramics.

The technology has been around for decades, but over the past few years it has caught the public's attention as it becomes more sophisticated and cheap.

Manufacturing is 'becoming a button in your browser,' he added, and Chris Anderson, author of manufacturer: new industrial revolution, told CBC News in May.

Linear molds and engineering in Livonia, Michigan.

It added 3D printing to its store a few years ago.

'At the beginning, we were just making prototype injection molds for the automotive industry.

Since then, we have transformed into 3D metal printing technology, which greatly expands the foundation of our entire work.

'Before, we sold 100 cars.

Now, we may be doing, maybe, 65 cents in cars, and our other businesses are subdivided between aerospace, medical, military, and industrial products.

'Space 3D printing is preparing to push 3D printers into space next year.

Would be a toaster.

This greatly reduces the need for astronauts to load all the tools, spare parts or supplies they may need.

3D printing makes custom and smaller orders 'more viable', said Southway '.

'If you want a part, we will make a part.

If you break a part, we make a part.

'This will enable us to crash our inventory and get closer to our customers,' he said . ' For example, it may become less common to ship large orders from China, he noted.

Linda Gagnier, who underwent hip and knee replacement, can use 3D technology.

'My first one was a little too small.

So we had to do a lot of extra physical therapy for that.

The second one is a bit too big, 'Gagnier said of one of her knees.

'Right now, there are only a few of them sitting on the table and the doctor has to pick out the one that suits you best.

So you won't get a perfect fit.

That will change, says tenbussch.

Tenbusch said: 'The doctor will actually do an MRI of your good knees and he will create a mathematical data file in which they can make the perfect fit for your bone structure

Students at the University of Windsor have demonstrated that they can make mobile phone covers and tools for the automotive industry.

But Nanwei says there are still five years left for mass production.

'When we talk about innovation, that's innovation --

'Manufacturing Technology,' he said.

'In theory, you can assemble something in your market segment or in your garage, but I don't think you'll see anyone making parts for their cars very quickly. ”

3D printing to alter manufacturing sector, engineers say

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