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3D printing to provoke a new twist in American gun control

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Philadelphia became the first city in the United States to ban unlicensed printing of 3d weapons.

Does this mean that they pose a serious threat to societymelba Kurman: I think it is important to remember now that this is technically very, very early, unfortunately, this is the first time many people have heard 3D printing technology in the context of printed weapons.

I think the response in Philadelphia is a bit crazy, but given the challenges and tragedies posed by the popularity of mass shootings in the United States, I understand the emotions behind it.

RT: amachine 3D gun made of metal for about $ million.

But there's definitely no point in the economy.

You can go out and buy a gun.

MK: I think the most critical issue is how dangerous it is, behind a lot of fears and concerns.

The company in Texas actually owns a license to manufacture 3D fire weapons.

Very good metal guns, but the printers they make are actually very expensive industries-grade printer.

So we're back to the question of how dangerous these 3D printing weapons are.

If you're looking at low-end 3D printers, printers that print cheaper plastic, these 3D printed plastic guns are the real dangers in my opinion. There is a two-

Folding danger behind low-end printers and plastic guns.

One is just consumer safety, and if someone makes a gun privately in their own home, of course, it is illegal for them to do so because they do not have permission to make a gun, but in fact they pose a danger to themselves, in a sense, the gun may explode in their hands, or it may fire a few rounds and act in unpredictable ways, home-

After all, it's weapons.

The second danger, I think it could be a place for a lot of legislators and laws.

The fact that the manufacturer is doing is that metal detectors cannot detect plastic guns, and metal detectors are traditionally used to detect metal fire weapons at airports, schools and public places.

Can someone print a plastic 3D gun and take it to a metal detector and kill almost anyone anywhere?

Yes, you can.

I think, as a plastic weapon produced in the spare time, it brings us closer to the real danger.

The black market has always existed in the United States, if you really want to buy high

Grade guns, or guns, are always available.

In fact, in many states, this is regulated at the national level in the United States, and it is not really difficult to legally acquire weapons.

Therefore, the 3D printer printing high

Grade metal parts can make a very good metal 3D printing gun, which is not as dangerous as these consumer guns.

But looking to the future, let's say that considering the price drop of 3D printing technology, we will move forward for 10 years, which is only a matter of time, and it will happen when it is possible to print a very high metal 3D printer.

Metal parts at affordable prices.

This is a machine that can only be affordable by professional designers, engineering companies and companies, but when the price drops to 5-

For $10,000, people can use these machines.

It is reported that most plastic 3D guns will explode when used

So, how long will it take before something more reliable is printed out by anyoneMK at home: I don't think the Philadelphia response will be an effective one.

I understand the emotions behind it, but when you see other platform technologies like computers, 3d printing is also a powerful, disruptive technology because it enables ordinary people to design and

Because of the fear that few people will abuse technology to make weapons, it is not only unrealistic to start tracking and banning the impulses and decisions of the actual technology itself, fortunately, but I don't think that's the right way at all.

America is full of guns anyway.

If everyone had a deadly plastic gun, would it really change: I think at least in the United States, we have had some terrible events recently, something very tragic happened here, if you look at the history of all the way back to the Second Amendment after the founding of the United States, people here have been very divided on gun ownership and gun control.

I think the issue of guns is a very symbolic and emotional topic for people, and there is a good reason, because they are very dangerous and they are used in terrible ways, because guns have actually been integrated into the DNA of the United States and our country, to some extent, what the American people think freedom is, what the role of government should be, this is not necessarily right or wrong.

I think the reason why people are not afraid of 3d printing machetes is because machetes do not have the same position as guns in our culture.

Can these printers be used to make something more dangerous than gunMK? Yes, they can. they will.

This is another technology that is being developed, just like any powerful technology.

Technology will continue to improve.

This is a guarantee!

Like any powerful technology, it is always abused by someone.

If you look at another area of crime that has fake money, imagine if the government bans high

High quality color printer because counterfeiters try to print very real currency.

Because a product produced with a 3D printer is actually a functional and dangerous weapon, the situation is not exactly the same, but the idea is OK.

It will be a very difficult thing to regulate it, and it will certainly be a new turning point in gun control.

There are some technical solutions that are still in their infancy, and of course there is still time --honored old-

Actually forcing people to sign up for their 3D printers, forcing people to re-register old-fashioned solutions for the materials they purchased.

Considering you can buy it, or you can order one from anywhere in the world, I don't think it's realistic.

I don't think it will work to register aprinter or material.

Nevertheless, technical attempts to control design files or identify design files that may look like parts do not work either.

In fact, I'm curious how this will be executed.

The statements, opinions and opinions expressed in this column are only the author's statements, opinions and opinions, and do not necessarily represent RT's statements, opinions and opinions.

3D printing to provoke a new twist in American gun control

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