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3D printing used to show ancient Irish spear butt

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing technology is used to show artifacts of the Bronze Age, considered a gun butt, and is actually part of an instrument.

Artificial work of cone Butt called Navin

Discovered in Ireland in the 1900 s

It is likely to be crafted between 100BC and 200AD.

But it has now been shown that the butt may be used as the mouthpiece of the horn.

The Book of Revelation provides a new perspective on ancient Irish culture, as it was made in what is considered a dark era of music.

Canberra archaeologist Billy O foglu has shown this, and he wants to show that there are complex instrument manufacturing techniques in the Bronze Age of Ireland.

He made a 3D printed replica of the spear butt and found that when used as a mouthpiece, it enhanced the tone of the replica horn.

'I made a large replica of a two-meter-long horn, and I imitated the thickness of the metal. . .

Basically just plug it in and try to play, 'said Mr o'fulu.

'Suddenly, the instrument began to live.

'Mr. 贸foghl u said that it is very likely that this artifact would be incorrectly classified as a butt because it would not be dug out at the same time as the corner.

These are not [horns]

Dug out. . .

'So you can find these things,' he said . '.

'Basically, you'll come across a lot of artwork that people don't know about their exact features.

'Many of them were discovered during the agricultural process of the 1800 s, when you did not have archaeologists, so they did not record things very accurately and their functions were lost.

'The replica mouthpiece tested by Mr o'fulu was made using a 3D printing mold.

Then the mold is cast in bronze, just like the original one.

'I 've seen pictures of these artifacts, and it's clear that they rarely make scientific theories . '

'So I found a website for a 3D printing studio in Sydney.

'The final work I came back, took only about a week, actually made in almost the same way as the original --

Cast in the mold

'Mr. 贸foghl u said the fact that from the Bronze Age of Ireland, the mouthpieces were used for the horn shows that culture pays more attention to music than most people realize.

'These horns are not just horns or noise makers.

They built and repaired very carefully and played for hours.

'Music obviously plays a very important role in culture,' he said . '.

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3D printing used to show ancient Irish spear butt actually part of musical instrument

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