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3d printing ... with nutella

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Yes, there\'s time for the 3D printer.
They make food, household goods, robots, and even clone objects.
Now, a device has found a way to integrate different forms of \"ink\" into the same nozzle of an existing printer --
Everything from icing and nuts to spackle and silicone.
Discov3ry Extruder has been released on Kickstarter and has raised $56,000, almost double their target.
They created an extruder that can be connected to the standard extruder tip of most existing 3D printers.
You then set the specification to what you want to print (
Silicone and nuts are completely different materials)
You can print as usual.
Through Kickstarter, the extruder costs $249.
It was created by Charles Mill, John Madeline and Andrew Finkel of Canada, who worked to solve the problem of paste printing.
\"Pasting and printing is a difficult problem.
\"There have been a lot of attempts on an affordable paste extruder before,\" they said on the Kickstarter page . \".
\"By focusing only on the transformation of printer components related to material delivery and extrusion, we are able to move faster and develop better products.
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The inch TV called \"zeusi\" wanted it to print me a spoon made of nuts that I could use to eat more nuts.
The article was originally published on MakerBot, trying to guess (and Mess)
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