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3d prototype factory-Unexpected quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-06- 28 16: 26

Miss Wu said that they want to make a medical model now, and the quantity will be set first. Because the previous period is only to verify the appearance, it is also the first cooperation, and I don't know the strength of the extension model. I can run in. So Miss Xin recommended 3D printing to Miss Wu. 3D printing also wants the accuracy and toughness of the plate, and the price is cheaper than CNC, at present, the 3d prototype factory has this model of material, which can be the same toughness and hardness as the plate, so that it can be made into the effect they want at a very low price. Miss Wu listened to and recognized the extension model, because Miss Xin is completely thinking about them from the customer's point of view. The second is that the extension model is professional enough to give them the order.

so the order was confirmed the next day after the quotation was made, after 2 days, I have already done a good job in handling Miss Wu's express delivery. Miss Wu said that she was very surprised. None of the previous 3d prototypes were so fast, and other people's 3D was liquid molding, the accuracy is very rough, and the deformation is very serious. It is very brittle. It is not good at all, and this is the same as the toughness of the plate, miss Wu said that the company was very satisfied, so she immediately applied to pay the full amount, saying that this cooperation can also show the strength and professional degree of tuowei 3d prototype factory and the service to customers, so there will be more order items to cooperate in the future.

The 3d prototype factory has been in existence for 18 years, in Shenzhen, it is also a large-scale enterprise, with 55 processing machines, its own 3D printer, its own post-processing process team, and technical director invited from the United States, no matter which aspect has many advantages, Miss Xin asked how Miss Wu would choose the extension model from so many suppliers, she told Miss Xin that when she saw the introduction on the website, she felt that the company's scale was quite large. If a large company had no strength, it would not be possible to survive until now, moreover, Tuowei has been in existence for more than 10 years and wants to try an order first.

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