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3D Systems Advancing High Performance Automotive

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D system promotes the development of high performance automotive industry with leading industry

Specific workflow solutions

Rodin automotive, high performance open manufacturers

Wheel railcar, steering 3d system, providing higher speed and design advantagesStewart-

Haas Racing, the champion of the 12 th Monster Energy Cup Series competition in 2018, relies on 3D system solutions to help them quickly design, test and refine body parts to improve speed and performance in the United StatesC.

S rock hill, May 21, 2019C.

, May 21, 2019/PRNewswire /--3D Systems (NYSE: DDD)

Today, Rodin and Stewart announced two customers.

Haas Racing-they use the company's plastic and metal 3D printing solutions to dramatically increase the speed and performance of the car.

With the help of the 3D system, Rodin Kazan Stewart

Two industry leaders Haas racing can quickly make durable parts-

Includes faster iterative design and prototyping.

This method achieves faster time and lower total cost of operation.

Integrating additional manufacturing solutions for 3D systems into these automotive production workflows is another example of how the company extends applications one by one using cases.

Rodin automotive uses the SLS, SLA and DMP 3D printing technology of the 3D system to produce a range of exhaust, steering, wheel and driver-specific components for Rodin FZed. (

Pictures provided by Rodin motor)

Speed up car design and production

Canterbury North, New Zealand)

Direct metal printing using a 3D system (DMP)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

And stereo printing (SLA)

Design, develop and build the best and largest technology in the world

Open performance-

The wheel of the racecourse.

David Dicker, founder of Rodin Cars, said: 'There is no room for mistakes in the extreme conditions of the track car . '.

'Many of the components we make --

The geometric complexity that only 3D printing can provide.

With a wide range of solutions provided by 3D system printers, what we are able to achieve is second to none, providing build

Speed and design advantages are hard to match.

High performance track-

The car manufacturer uses the sPro 230 for slsprodution parts, ProX ^庐800for SLA tool for carbon fiber form with 3d system Accura ^庐Blue stone material using 3 DXpert ^ and ProX DMP 320鈩itanium production components for exhaust collectors and silencers, columns and hubs, and mounting brackets for various components.

As a result, RodinCars is able to quickly manufacture full-

The prototype and production components can be resized without tools.

It is also able to advance complex design concepts to produce lighter-weight metal parts that cannot be manufactured in any other way. Stewart-Haas Racing(

Annapolis, North Carolina)

Geomagic Wrap with powerful 3D scanning and 3D Systems ^庐Reverse engineering software and ProX 800 printer for the production of aerodynamic components for the development and wind tunnel testing of racing components.

For the NASCAR team, perfecting the automotive components designed to improve speed and performance is a key factor in success.

Geomagic Wrap is used to collect scan data from automotive components, processors, and innovations.

Stl file for shape deviation comparison.

3D system 3D sprint庐The software is used to prepare and optimize CAD data and to manage the additive manufacturing process on ProX 800.

Stewart-Accura 25 material using a 3D system

Haas Racing engineers are able to quickly print large parts with smooth surface finish and precise dimensional accuracy.

ReneauVan Landingham, manager of Stewart-aerodynamic design group, said: 'Everything we do is related to increasing the speed of our cars. Haas Racing.

'Time is our most precious asset.

The faster we develop concepts, the better the performance of our cars on the track.

ProX 800 plays an important role in this work because it enables us to produce parts efficiently and accurately during development.

' broad, integrated portfolio of additive manufacturing solutions for 3D systems-including materials, software, hardware, and services --

The transformation of digital manufacturing process has been promoted, thus promoting the transformation of enterprises.

Through cooperation with customers, 3D systems are constantly innovating and new materials and technologies are developed to meet the unique business needs of customers.

Customers of 3D Systems

'Specific, application-driven approaches are driving adoption of digital manufacturing,' said Vyomesh Joshi, president and CEO of 3d systems . '.

'Our portfolio of innovative materials and extensive hardware and software products enables manufacturers to seamlessly integrate 3D printing into their production processes. Our world-

Work with our industry to build up first class experience and expertise

Leading automotive customers, providing solutions that help them quickly design and produce parts, significantly shorten the product development cycle, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. 'Forward-

In this version, statements that do not belong to history or current facts are forward --

Statement in the sense of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-

It appears that the statement relates to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may lead to actual results, the performance or achievements of the company are significantly different from historical results or any future results or forecasts expressed or implied by such forward-looking expressions --

Look at the report.

In many cases, forward-looking statements can identify these terms or other terms by means of 'belief', 'belief', 'expectation', 'possibility', 'will', 'estimate', 'intention', etc. compare the 'expected' or 'planned' or negative of the term. Forward-

Forward-looking statements based on management's beliefs, assumptions and current expectations, may include comments on the Company's beliefs and expectations about future events and trends that affect its business, and it is bound to be affected by uncertainty, many of which are not within the control of the company.

Factors described under the heading 'Forward -'

The 'outlook statements' and 'Risk Factors' in the periodic documents submitted by the company to the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as other factors, may lead to significant actual results with results reflected or predicted in the forward-looking documents

Look at the report.

Although management believes this expectation is reflected in

Forward-looking statements are reasonable and forward-looking

It appears that the statement is not, and should not be considered as a guarantee of future performance or results, and does not necessarily prove to be an accurate indication of the time at which such performance or results are achieved. The forward-

The included lookup statement is made only as the date of the statement.

The 3D system does not assume any obligation to update or review

Forward-looking statements made by or on behalf of management, whether due to future developments, subsequent events or circumstances, or for other reasons.

More than 30 years ago, 3D Systems brought innovation in 3D printing to the manufacturing industry.

Today, as a leading additive manufacturing solution company, it enables manufacturers to create unprecedented product and business models through a transformed workflow.

This is the best achievement of the company. of-

Foster an ecosystem of digital manufacturing

combination of plastic and metal 3D printers, printed materials, on-demand manufacturing services, and the final product portfolioto-

Terminal manufacturing software.

Each solution is powered by the expertise of the company's application engineers who work with customers to transform the manufacturing environment.

3d system solutions solve a variety of advanced prototype applications through production in markets such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electricity and consumer goods.

For more information about the company, please see www. 3dsystems. com.

This FZed exhaust collector is printed in titanium 3D on ProX DMP320 of the 3D system and is physically deposited on a nitrogen titanium coating. (

Pictures provided by Rodin motor)

Van Landingham (pictured)

Stewart's team-

Haas Racing uses the ProX 800 of the 3d system to develop and wind tunnel test the production of aerodynamic components for racing components. (

Pictures provided by StewartHaas Racing)(

PRNewsfoto/3D system)

Website: Contact Information: Investor Contact Information: Stacey Witten, Email: investor.

The relationship between 3d Systems. com;

Media Contact: Nicole York, Email: press @ 3 dsystems.

3D Systems Advancing High Performance Automotive Sector with Leading Industry-specific Workflow Solutions

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