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3D Systems (DDD) Stock Plummeting Today After

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

NEW YORK (TheStreet)--

3D Systems Inc. (DDD -Get Report)

Plummeted, down 9. 59% to $27.

After Stratasys issued a profit and income warning, Stratasys and other 3D printer manufacturers (SSYS)

company in the industry.

Stratasys warned that it expects reported revenue and revenue to be 2014 lower than previous guidance and issued a weak forecast of 2015.

Stratasys now expects revenue between $2014. 97 to $2.

$03 per share, below the previously estimated $2. 21 to $2. 31 per share.

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In 2015, the company projected revenue of $0. 748 billion to $0. 75 billion, down from the previously estimated $0. 75 billion to $0. 77 billion.

Wall Street analysts expect the 3D printer maker to earn $2.

$25 per share, earning $763.

6 million throughout the year. Rock Hill, SC-

3D Systems is a family of three

Design centered on size printingto-

Manufacturing solutions including 3D printers, printed materials, and the cloud

Customized parts services for professionals and consumers.

In addition, the street rating team rated 3D SYSTEMS Corp. as a Hold with a rating of C.

For their suggestion, the street rating team has the following statement: 'We have a view of the 3D Systems Company (DDD)a HOLD.

The main factors that affect our rating are mixed, some show strength, some show weakness, and there is little evidence that this stock is justified in relation to the positive or negative performance of most other stocks.

The company's strengths are reflected in a number of areas, such as its strong revenue growth, through most measures, the company's financial position is basically stable, the debt level is reasonable, and the profit margin continues to expand.

Contrary to these advantages, however, we have also found some weaknesses, including the generally disappointing performance of the stock itself, deteriorating net income and disappointing return on equity.

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3D Systems (DDD) Stock Plummeting Today After Stratasys Warning

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