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3D Systems: Focused on Growth

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09


D is becoming a popular consumer technology and has helped restore cinemas in the past year. Major 3-

D. from the 20th-century Fox's avatar to DreamWorks Animation's How to Train Your Dragon, these pictures help to attract people to the theater --

They were even lured to pay for premium tickets.

One 3D system public hat company (Nasdaq: TDSC)

, Has been working behind the scenes for more than 20 years, will be 3-D. Lately, 3-

Shares of the D system are also hit by investors, and the company is ready to grow rapidly in the coming years. The 24-year-

Old South Carolina shares are one of the best performing stocks in the tech industry this year, ranking second in October

The best performer in Russell 2000, up 64.

5% since September.

After the stock rose strongly, the stock has been closed and fell by 13.

2% after the company announced the top threeQuarterly results.

It is time to determine whether the decline in the share price of the 3D system is the beginning of a downward trend or perhaps a purchase opportunity.

No doubt, three.

Hot size technology.

Consumer Love 3-

D. viewing experience. theater owners and filmmakers like high-priced tickets.

For many manufacturers, the technology developed by the 3D system is essential for obtaining goods in public.

Besides the movie, 3-

D modeling is used from cars and aircraft to electronics and artificial limbs.

In addition to serving the consumer and electronics industries, 3D Systems also sell equipment and software to the automotive, medical, educational and defense markets.

Its technology goes from laser sintering to the establishment of 3-

Model from layer D to layer 3

Print and film

Transfer Imaging to model construction of plastic and composite materials.

The company also provides customers with CAD software and consumables they need to make everything work.

All of these technologies can help companies visually see something in real life, not just on a computer screen.

The technology not only helps bring the film to life, but also reduces the time it takes to bring cars and trucks to the showroom

And the patient's prosthesis. 3-

D Systems has a diverse customer base in the United StatesS.

And six other countries in Europe and Asia.

2009, the company estimates that 56% of revenue comes from outside the United States.

Sales come from more than 80 countries. The 3-

D. The modeling and development business is highly decentralized, but the growth strategy of the 3D system is designed to change this status quo.

The company has made key acquisitions since July, including Illinois-

Provel, Italy's leading rapid prototyping company, and CEP and Protometal, a French prototyping company.

All these acquisitions have helped stimulate growth.

The company has also increased customer coverage through a number of key alliances and distribution arrangements.

Most recently, on October, the company agreed to distribute Germany-based netfabb (

Spell with lowercase 'N).

Despite the poor performance of the stock of the 3D system this year, the company has had to go through some difficult years.

The company made $0 in 2005.

After dilution, $48 per share and $25 for stock trading.

Then, when the company lost a total of $2, it encountered a loss of three years. 38 per share.

The share price fell and reached its share as low as nearly $ a month in February 2009.

It made $0 later in 2009.

Diluted $05 per share due to cost

Cutting measures.

In addition, although the company has made three acquisitions in the year, the cash on hand has increased.

It now has more than $33 million in cash, with almost no debt.

The company seems to be back on track.

Revenue rose 50% in the third quarter of 2010 to $41. 5 million year-over-

Net income rose 500% this year to $5.

Earnings per share increased by 4 million from $900,000 to $ 475%.

From $0 to 23 cents. 04 cents.

In 2009, a major positive change in the business model of 3D Systems was the introduction of 3D product services.

Consider this service as a 3D manufacturing equivalent to FedEx Kinkos flat print.

3D Systems is building a network of parts printing service locations where customers can find

Stop buying the company's services without having to invest in the hardware/software settings yourself.

The company is aware that not all potential customers want to invest in expensive equipment that may be limited in use.

Now, it is building a network of service centers to meet the rapid prototyping needs of its customers.

From the promotion strategy to the transformation of the driving strategy (

'Pull' the customer to the service center of the company)

Could be the main driver of growth.

Few investors have found that the 3D system and stock trading are still rare.

On any given day, only about 80,000 shares are trading.

But three analysts did report the stock and agreed that earnings would continue to expand.

This year's growth is 1200% and next year's growth is 46%.

This earnings growth forecast means that the forward P/E ratio of the stock is quite reasonable, 27-

2011 times the income.

However, the stock-hook ratio is higher than 3, indicating that the trading of this stock is a huge premium for its long-term earnings growth.

I would suggest paying attention to the 3D system and waiting for the stock to fall back before buying.

I love this growth story, and I think the company's initiatives to bring customers to the service center can work well in the economic recovery.

But now the rapid rise in stocks, coupled with a sharp rise --

Back, have I ever thought that this could be a volatile stock for the rest of the year.

If you like this stock and want to join the stock, take advantage of this volatility to your advantage and get to an average position on the days when it falls sharply.

* I have been increasing several positions in tech stocks that I like.

Like 3D systems, many of these companies are sitting in large amounts of cash and are growing far faster than a broad economy.

Moreover, their stock is still undervalued in many cases.

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Can cancel for a few days if you wish, but I doubt you will.

In any case, you have enough time to read all my research on the fast-growing tech company.

In our past two positions, subscribers are now growing by 23% and 56%, and these companies are still unknown to the larger investment community.

When Wall Street learned the news, I expected the stock to really start rebounding.

3D Systems: Focused on Growth

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