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3D technology brings another dimension to Scoil Mhuire

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Kanturk's Scoil Mhuire has proven itself at the forefront of innovative technology as it is one of Ireland's first schools to adopt additive manufacturing processes in the form of 3D printing.

Technical teacher Gerald croty explained to Kirman how Scoil Mhuire took technology as a diploma subject in 2007 and recently bought the machine for the tech department.

'Students will use a 3D printer to design the project design and build components for their resignation certificate,' Mr Crotty said . '.

'They can also use laser cutting machines, CNC routers and CNC vinyl cutting machines, which allows them to design and build projects according to model standards, giving them a real opportunity, excellent results in the theme of Assigning 50% points to design projects and portfolios '.

The 3D printer is a 'Replicator 2X' that helps to build project parts in a variety of materials and in two colors, including ABS (acrylic resin), a non-biodegradable plastic, it is also a biodegradable plastic on PLA, made of corn starch, and is an environmental-friendly raw material.

Students will design their project on the CAD software package Solidworks.

Once the design is complete, the parts can be built and incorporated into the project on a 3D printer.

This use of computer-aided drawing and manufacturing is cutting-edge technology.

The Association of Students and parents has funded the new addition of Scoil Mhuire.

Transitional year students raise money by sponsoring their Gaisce bronze medal in a 30 k walk in Kenma, while students who leave and leave Cert before Christmas organize baking sales at school.

At the same time, the parents' association has strengthened its activities in the Christmas lottery.

Gerard Crotty and his students are excited about their new arrival and they thank everyone who helped to buy it.

3D technology brings another dimension to Scoil Mhuire

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