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3D vagina kayak scan gets Japanese artist arrested

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Japanese artist used the 3D model of her vagina to raise money for the project of making a kayak, and she was arrested under the country's obscene laws.

Great beauty Igarashi,. k. a.

Rokudenashiko, whose art is designed to break taboos around female genitals, after her arrest

Mail the 3D printer data she scanned the vagina to 30 people.

She sent the data to crowdfunding-

According to US media reports, the 'y boat' project is a functional kayak modeled after 3D scanning. K.

Independent newspaper

Igarashi, 42, defended her art and claimed nothing obscene.

Kayak is just one of many art projects she created according to her own vagina. 'Manko, p—

Y, it has always been a taboo in Japanese society.

On the other hand, the penis is used for illustration and signature as part of popular culture. But p—

'Y has never been so cute,' she wrote on her website . '. 'P—

Y is considered obscene because it is overhidden, although it is only part of the female body.

3D vagina kayak scan gets Japanese artist arrested

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