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3D volumetric modeling and microvascular reconstruction

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Background: local flap is sufficient in most reconstruction operations.

However, huge tail defects caused by malignant tumors require different reconstruction methods, local flaps are damaged by radiation, and local flaps are not sufficient to cover a broad surface area or a large number of occlusion.

In this report, we present the experience of using free muscle transfer for volume reconstruction in this case and show threedimensional (3D)

tactile model of pelvic defect that helps with preoperative planning.

Methods: five consecutive patients with tail defects irradiated after tumor resection were included with a surface area of 143-600 cm 2.

Lago muscle (LD)-

During the period from 2005 to 2011, tail reconstruction based on free flap was performed in each case.

The upper hip artery is damaged, and the lower rib artery (SA)

Used as a receiving ship.

Vascular techniques, complications and results were reported.

It also demonstrates the use of volume analysis and 3D printing to convert imaging data to 3D images suitable for 3D printing through Osirix software (

Pixmeo, Geneva, Switzerland). An office-

Based on a desktop 3D printer, a 3D model for printing tail defects, for displaying surface area and contours, and for generating volumetric printing of the dead space required for flap removal.

Results: clinical series of LD free flap reconstruction reported that all cases were successfully transferred and had sufficient soft tissue

Organization coverage and volume elimination are achieved.

The original use of SA as a receiving ship was successfully realized.

All the wounds have healed.

3D printing has also proved to be a useful tool for 3D evaluation of volume and dead space.

Conclusion: In the case of local tissue damage affected by irradiation and tumor recurrence and the need for accurate volumetric reconstruction of the dead angle, the free flap provides a unique advantage.

For the first time, we describe the use of SA as a recipient of free flap reconstruction.

3D printing of tactile creatures

Model is a fast developing field and plays an important role in preoperative planning.

3D volumetric modeling and microvascular reconstruction of irradiated lumbosacral defects after oncologic resection

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