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3Doodler Shrinks A 3D Printer Into A Pen

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printers are usually very large machines and require multiple components to create cute models and prototypes that you often see.

Still, the technology needed to make 3D printers is getting smaller and smaller, and people are making desktop 3D printers that are truly innovative.

Now, two inventors have decided to further develop with a handheld 3D printer.

Say hello to the 3D printer 'pen' 3 Doodler in your hand.

The best thing to do is the hot glue gun, but it sends out the melted plastic through the extruder instead of the glue.

In fact, it's almost an extruder on a 3D printer and doesn't have any frames, so you can create whatever you want at will.

The only limit is the endurance of yourself holding a small device for hours in a row.

The best thing about 3 Doodler is that it's cheap.

On Kickstarter, the device is priced at $75 as part of a limited promotion.

The initial offer was $50, but the 100 support limit was quickly met.

Now there is only a little more than 1,000 of the $75 pen left.

Perhaps even more surprising is that 3 Doodler has proven to be a hell of a Kickstarter event.

The device has just gone public, but it already has more than 800 supporters.

It also raised $71,000 after only asking for $30,000.

I wouldn't be surprised if the project raised more than $300,000 next month.

You can get 3 Doodler for $75 on the Kickstarter page.

In addition to some other neat awards, there are more expensive options.

3Doodler Shrinks  3D Printer Into  Pen

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