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3Dvarius debuts as first fully playable 3D-printed violin

by:Tuowei     2019-06-06

Stradivarius violin is considered one of the most coveted classical instruments in the world, but amateur musicians will soon interfere with homemade Strads.

French violinist Laurent Bernadac has launched 3D varius, known as the first fully playable 3D-printed violin.

Translucent creative inspiration from many

Italian master Antonio strathelli created coveted instruments in his legendary Cremona store in the 17 th century.

However, the design was subsequently stripped of the light weight possible and provided great freedom of movement for contemporary musicians.

3d varius is essentially an electric violin that uses a magnetic pickup to detect the vibration from the strings and must be plugged into the amplifier.

Using stereo printing as a single piece production-a 3D technique for printing a layer model at a time by quickly curing liquid polymers using UV lasers-the model must be strong enough, being able to withstand the pressure of the tension violin strings must also be adjustable.

Bernadac revealed one of the first successful prototypes in a video released this month, nicknamed Pauline.

Musician, his high

Over the past few years, the energy show has combined traditional classical instruments with guitars, Cajon percussion instruments and other sounds to design futurism --

Look for 3 Dvarius.

Watch Bernadac play his 3d varius in the video above.

3Dvarius debuts as first fully playable 3D-printed violin

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