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5-axis machine for professional cnc prototype machining

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2018-11- 28 15: 25

Hello everyone, in the long process of R & D and design products. The figure of cnc prototype model processing is always indispensable. This is all because making prototypes can be used to test the actual situation of the product and whether it matches the drawings. Can use habits be accepted by customers. A series of problems can be verified by prototype.

just these days, a customer found out that we needed to process the cnc prototype model, and our salesman warmly received a group of customers. The customer checked our factory. Tell the customer that we are a 17-year-old manufacturer with complete facilities. You only need to inform us of 3D drawings and related processes to enjoy the advantages of one-stop service brought by our regular manufacturers.

molding is made using a five-axis processing machine with a precision of up to 0. 01mm. It takes only 3 days from production to shipment. Such a high-quality cnc prototype model processing, haven't you come to cooperate with us yet? Feel the benefits of our professional services.

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